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    A client for a website I manage is getting messages from Google Search Console Team that their website is getting a large amount of 404 URLs. I did a scan with WP Link Status and it showed no 400 errors on the site, however the Google Console list shows over 1000 pages that are 404s. Is the WP Link Status plugin not scanning every page on the website? I was under the impression that it did, and I have it checked off to do so in the Settings. I’m probably misunderstanding what WP Link Status does…I guess there are leftover URLs in the database hidden away somewhere? Since the 404 URLs that Google Console shows, do not appear in the WP Admin Area ‘Posts’ and ‘Pages’ lists.

    This URL probably will not work but I’ll put it here anyway, it’s the Ticket thread convo I had with our client:

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Hi dax20798, thanks for your comment.

    This plugin checks the links and images within the content of posts and pages, specifically the “post_content” column of the posts table. It does not parse the entire page (header, footer, sidebars, etc.), only works with database content.

    The content must be HTML (tags a and img) to do the work properly, so in case of shortcodes generating links, it will not work because does not recognize shortcodes as HTML tags.

    In the same way, other trouble is the plugin filters, when another plugin or theme applies a filter changing the content (for example adding links), this plugin can not detect that because their source is directly from the database and not the code execution.

    Another thing is that the scope is limited to posts and pages, so if a page or post or other resource is deleted, and you don’t have any link to this deleted page, from Google this is a missing link, but this situation is out of the scope of this plugin, because only checks existing content and it is not an index of previous resources.

    I hope I’ve helped. Your link to teamwork shows a login page, so I can’t see the thread. You can send me more details to info (at)

    Kind regards,

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