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  • @fbreve – sorry to hear you’re having problems with the plugin. What version of WP are you using? And I assume you’ve tried saving from the WYSIWYG editor and the Custom API Configuration editor, right? And if possible, can you use your browser’s dev tools to see if there are any errors being written to the console?

    I’m using WordPress 3.6.1. I’m saving from the WYSIWYG editor. It’s behaving like it has saved. But when I enter the website: it’s still the default options showing there.

    For instance: I’ve enabled the follow buttons, but they are not showing.
    I’ve also translated the “Recommended for you” text, but it’s still showing in English.

    I made sure the page wasn’t being cached by logging as admin (bypassing Super Cache) and putting Cloudflare in development mode.

    The issue with AddThis Welcome is fixed, now the problem is only with Smart Layers.

    @fbreve – I don’t see the AddThis code being inserted on your homepage, but I do see the Smart Layers code on other pages when I navigate through your site. And I do see the customizations you mentioned like adding Follow and translating “Recommended for you”. There might be something preventing the Smart Layers code from being inserted on the homepage if you’re using a custom homepage. Could you try disabling the Welcome Bar and see if Smart Layer works – I’m wondering if there is a conflict between the two.

    The other pages were probably cached before I installed the plugin. I was inserting the code manually before I installed the plugin.

    The main page and this page: were generated after I removed the code and installed the plugin. Those reflect what is happening now.

    Looking into the HTML generated I see that the addthis bar code is being added twice.

    Well, I decided to gave up on WYSIWYG editing and used an API custom configuration. Now it works, but addthis.layers() is being called twice.

    The same was happening with AddThis Bar which I’ve now disabled.

    I am having the same issue on a client’s site. It appears the back end is saving but it is not, the profile ID reverts to some default and every time I hit save and then try to go to another part of the dashboard I get a message asking me if I sure I want to leave the page. So it’s not saving my input for some reason.

    Not showing in the source code either.

    OK I got the API editor to work. Thank you

    @giggles666 – sorry you had problems using the WYSIWYG editor. When you saved using the WYSIWYG editor, did you get the confirmation “Settings saved.” at the top of the screen? And out of curiosity, what browser and what version of WP are you on? Thanks.

    We’re having the same problem with the WYSIWYG – the settings won’t save even though we do get the confirmation “Settings saved” at the top.

    We’ve tried in Chrome & IE with the same results – and we’re using WP 3.6.1

    It’s on a test site here:

    The share buttons appear at the left but there are no follow buttons, what’s next or recommended content (although the last one might not appear because there is only one test blogpost on the site maybe?)

    I’ll probably use the API editor when I get a bit more time – but those are the details if you want to have a look into it.

    @turkeysforlife: We have noticed the issues and will be pushing a fix asap. I will update it here when we have the release ready.

    @srijith: Great, thanks.

    We have released AddThis Smart Layers 1.0.3. Please verify the issue is fixed by this release.

    That’s definitely sorted the follow buttons for us thanks Srijith – but still no “What’s Next” or “Recommended Content” at the moment…

    If you can confirm that issue is because we have only one test post (although we have quite a few test “pages”) – or that it will still take 24 hours or so for crawling – then we’re happy that it’s fixed.

    If you need to test that also, then let me know and I’ll add a few more blogposts.


    @turkeysforlife: What’s next / Recommended content will take some time to get listed and depends on the site traffic as well. More visitors help us determine what to be recommended.

    We have verified that it is working, so in a few hours it will start showing up.

    Makes sense. It’s a test site for our transition from Blogger to WP, so it won’t be getting any traffic. But good to know it will work when we go live.

    Thanks for the help.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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