• I have the Blog page and individual Posts with “Content available to” set to “Logged in users,” but they are still available publicly without logging in.
    I cleared the cache in WordPress and web browser, but still it appears without logging in.

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    Clarification: Without logging in, the Blog page still shows up, the “content” of the post is listed as “You must log in to view this content,” but the title of the post is still visible.

    What is needed is the whole Blog page not available. Or, any information (title, content) of each/every post not available.

    Hi there,

    Restricted Content plugin can only restrict the content of the post or page (as the name suggests). However, it is currently not possible to hide the title of the page or post.
    Still, I will forward this to our developers so they can check if this can be implemented in one of the future updates of the plugin.

    Kind regards

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