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    I have it set to redirect to a page by ID. It works when trying to view pages that have been restricted individually. But when viewing a post that belongs to a category which is restricted, it does not redirect, it just gives me a 404.

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    To shed more light on this issue, there is a conflict. In the method Groups_Restrict_Categories::user_can_read(), which is used to determine if we should redirect or not when viewing something. Part of this function is getting the terms of the current post, $terms = get_the_terms( $post_id, $taxonomy );. The issue is that in this same class, there’s a method Groups_Restrict_Categories::list_terms_exclusions(), which generically disallows retrieving restricted terms. So the conflict:

    user_can_read() gets the posts terms and sees if they’re disallowed
    list_terms_exclusions() prevents user_can_read() from getting the post terms to see if disallowed.

    The current, temporary fix, was to add remove_filter( 'list_terms_exclusions', array( 'Groups_Restrict_Categories', 'list_terms_exclusions' ) ); right before user_can_read() get the terms, and then add it back after.

    Please try to fix this before the next release, I would much appreciate it.

    Thanks for the free plugin guys, it is really great.

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    OH, also, I had to add wp_cache_delete($post_id, "{$taxonomy}_relationships"); right before retrieval because they were previously cached is nonexistent due to list_terms_exclusions().

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    Hi Joel,

    Thanks for pointing out the issue and sorry for the late reply. I’ve checked this and although your solution is pointing in the right direction I’ve adopted a slightly different approach using wp_get_object_terms() instead of get_the_terms() and deleting the cache entry.

    You’ll see an update available for Groups Restrict Categories shortly.

    Again many thanks for your thoughts on the issue!


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