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  • Hello,

    I am unable to get the player to work. This is the short code I am using:

    [sc_embed_player autoplay=true volume=”30″ fileurl=” – Somos Libres.mp3″]

    When launching page, I get error saying “Audio Player cannot load” When I ok it, the button shows but does not play.

    Thanks for any help.

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  • Plugin Author mra13


    Your MP3 file URL is incorrect. It gives a 404 error. Its best if you don’t have any space characters in theme. So fix the file name then re upload it and try the shortcode again.

    Hi, I have responded to this but my post disappeared.

    I have already removed the spaces but still cannot get it to play. All browsers are telling me – cannot load player.

    This is the shortcode:
    [sc_embed_player autoplay=true volume=”30″ fileurl=”″]

    Sandwich & St. Margaret’s Bay

    Sorry, this is the shortcode:

    sc_embed_player autoplay=true volume=”30″ fileurl=”″]

    I have also noticed that I get the error when i use the autoplay=true in the shortcode. Without that, it shows the button but does not play at all.

    Weirdly, it plays on iPad so I have no idea what the problem is in desktop browsers.

    Plugin Author mra13


    Looks like the audio file URL is wrong. If you enter the following URL in your browser you will see that it gives a 404 (not found error):


    Please correct the mistake in your file URL and use the correct URL value in the audio player shortcode then it should work better.

    You took the wrong link, I corrected it in the next post.

    Please don’t mark these continuously as resolved, this is not resolved.

    Plugin Author mra13


    I just checked your site for errors and found that there are lots of JavaScript errors on your site (coming from your theme or another plugin). This is causing the javascript code of this plugin to fail. Its how javascript works. If you have one error on the page, that code can make other code fail.

    Thanks, I will look into the the java errors although so far I have seen on support pages this has been there for a while but is not being addressed. It’s a really shame these wordpress items are so little supported.

    Just curious, why is the player then working on iPad or smartphone?

    Plugin Author mra13


    Not all browsers handle JavaScript errors exactly the same way. So the behavior is going to be slightly un-predirectable on each different browsers. The best approach is to have no errors at all and then everything will work smoothly.

    Thanks. I wish owners of themes and plugins actually paid attention to these issues, unfortunately only very few do.

    As predicted, no response on the deprecated java scripts so I am not sure how I can make your player work as it was exactly the kind that was fitting my needs, which is too bad.

    Plugin Author mra13


    I understand. The plugin unfortunately won’t work unless those errors are taken care of.

    The only recommendation I can give you is that use themes and plugins from an active developer. This way you have a better chance that the code will be good and if there are issues/errors, it will get fixed.

    If it only was so easy to switch. I have customized the theme so much it would very painful to start again. But my theme, Pinboard, is one of the popular ones so not sure why it’s so neglected. And they just had a fresh update!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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