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  • beanthere22


    Does not link back to my account.
    Deleting it.
    Shame, it would have made things easier.

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  • Good day @beanthere22

    Just wanting to make sure we’re understanding correctly. Did you try the account connction process that is provided by the plugin, and it failed to connect? Or did you, by chance, miss seeing that or not realize that the functionality was available?

    The plugin should definitely be able to connect and integrate with your current account, allowing you to create forms that post back to your existing lists.



    I used the “connect” button that shows up when the plugin is activated. It took me to a CC login page. After I logged in, it returned an error that it could not make the connection. Tried several times.

    There are 2 CC forms plugins in the WP repository, neither shows testing above WP 4.8.5.

    I did not try the one from mailmunch

    Would you be willing to provide the domain you were trying to connect with? I would like to try and verify some things on our end.




    I deleted the plugin and re-installed it. Now it seems to work.

    Is thee any documentation that can tell me how to style the form? It really does not look as nice as the rest of my page. (click on contact us)

    Is the shortcode the only way to insert the form? I have not been able to get it to display the form title.


    Well that’s good that it worked the second time. Hard to say exactly why the first time failed, but we’re in a better place.

    Regarding the styling, and specifically this example, that’s a hard one to solve easily. I am not sure how the current contact form is being done, whether it be a 3rd party plugin, a template file provided by the theme, or something similar, but it feels like it’s styled specifically for the theme.

    While we try to allow the forms we generate to inherit as much as we can from the active theme for the user’s site, we can’t always guarantee great results. Because of this, making sure things look good falls into the responsibility of the site owners themselves. We are evaluating options for how we can provide a GUI to provide some basic styling, but for something more elaborate like this, we wouldn’t be able to cover everything.

    Sort of, for the shortcode question. We do offer a widget to display the forms as well, but ultimately it all goes through the shortcode. Right now the only attribute available is the form ID, but I do see benefit in expanding that to include the title of the form as well, similar to how GravityForms does it. I will file that as an enhancement for hopefully a future version.




    Visibility of the form title seems like a no-brainer to me. Or at least the choice. Forces me to add it manually somewhere. I did try the widget, but placing the shortcode gave the same result. Like you said.

    Do you happen to have the CSS for the form, with the classes for various stuff? I am using the Jupiter theme, which allows me a lot of flexibility for adjusting the CSS for each page, or the whole site. If you had that info, then I would not have to puzzle each item out.

    The biggest issue is alignment of the parts. The field labels get pushed around and the date fields don’t line up. That’s maybe a little too much flexibility on the part of the formatting. Don’t know. It’s not really inheriting much from the theme, if anything. I’ve seen what this form looks like when it is created on the CC site (back end of my account) and it looks good there, but loses it when it comes though the plugin.

    Some of the most common classes and IDs that you’ll find are below:

    	#ctct-form-$id ($id is the numeral ID of the form in question, very much like post IDs)
    form element
    paragraph around label/input pairs
    	.ctct-form-field-required (if required)
    	.ctct-form-field-$fieldtype (text, email, check)
    email field
    text field
    check field
    opt in field

    All of the CSS for the what we do provide out of box can be found at onstant-contact-forms/assets/css/style.css in the plugin folder.

    We don’t inherit anything for styling from the version you see in your account, and instead map the fields appropriately during submission.

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