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  • It took me a while to see that as a non-subscriber, this plugin doesn’t provide any resources after an image was stolen from one of my digiproved published pages.

    So it seems to be essentially only a trial and then paid plugin, without warning that it’s just a paid plugin … when we need it, we may see all it’s done is made us feel good upon publishing. I didn’t take screen shots after publishing or find a cache. Now I can’t follow the advice from this page

    I have apparently no way of obtaining proof from digiprove. What?! Why even let people think we can use this long term without paying? Websites don’t even usually get stolen from when they are new. So frustrated. And yes, I’ve searched for the answers. It’s just a pretty display on my publish screen (for the certain post type I set) now. That’s worse than nothing. A false sense of security or something similar is bad.

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    I just turned revisions on for this post type, but I regularly delete these things. And I don’t revise this type of content often anyway*. I don’t normally need WordPress revisions feature anyway.

    Anyway, it still did not work and that is highly frustrating…

    Last Digiproved: 13 January 2014 14:12:41 UTC, certificate P476724

    BUT the oldest revision I have (I’m not sure what I changed then but I know it was small) had the link to check digiprove status AND
    Searched on fingerprint 44F0ABEFB4BE12C5F7D64A2B386AF694
    Response from Digiprove: 210/Digiprove has no record of this content

    Is this a problem with RELYING on revisions or is this because I don’t pay? Users really must know. (And please change the plugin to not rely on revisions, for the sake of techy people who change default WP behavior.)

    *(The post type is for lyrics but the stolen object in question is an image that happens to be on this page, I am slow to publish and even record my actual music so I like a little boost when it comes to worrying about copyrighting and when the official batch gets sent in, so shoot me)

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    Hi DesignerElla,

    Yes there are differences between the free version and the various subscription versions. Some of the key differences are clearly pointed out during the registration process (including the fact that images within posts are not individually fingerprinted). There is a more complete description under the heading “What are the benefits of becoming a Digiprove subscriber?” in the FAQ for the plugin published on WordPress.

    However even for free users, proof is created on our servers of the digital fingerprint of each version of post that you choose to Digiprove. This proof is retained and can be downloaded/accessed by you by logging in at our web-site, and can be shown to others through a unique link.

    It is important however that you keep an exact copy of each version so that its fingerprint can be compared to the one in the certificate.

    In WordPress, using revisions is the easiest and automatic way to do this. From the revisions page, you can verify whether a particular revision has been Digiproved, as you discovered.

    You make a valid point that users may turn off revisions without realising Digiprve’s dependence on it. So we will in future incorporate a warning about this.

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