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  • I installed this plugin as a possible alternative to Solr or Sphinx powered search plugins because not having to manage them would be a big plus.

    Before I get to the reason for 2 stars, I’ll say that the author did a really good job on the backend. It was very low-friction to set up, and the AJAX indexing interface is stellar.

    Unfortunately, this plugin has 2 major issues that I discovered:

    1. We only have roughly 20k posts. The plugin, however, decided that the number is “In Index: 312044 posts,” and it took several days to spin up this index. I don’t know how it’s possible (maybe it doesn’t disregard revisions or something, which is a pretty big omission), but changing anything at all about indexing that would require a reindex suddenly becomes prohibitively expensive.

    2. More importantly, the search speed is only improved in some cases, whereas in others it gets worse in my tests. A simple search for “table” took 55 seconds (our Linode servers are pretty beefy, it’s not a slow shared hosting env or something). Searching for something like “black” or “white” took about 6s with the plugin on, and about 1.8s with WP’s own search.

    Perhaps there’s a missing db index or two somewhere, but right now the plugin gets a fail from me.

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  • Plugin Author Epsiloncool


    Thank you for your report, archon810! We are in a progress with issues you described and hopefully will fix them very soon.

    Plugin Author Epsiloncool


    Hello, archon810

    we spent some time on trying to repeat issues you facing on. However on well-configured MySQL environment we could not to repeat the same issues. But in case we lower key cache memory on MySQL to very low values (like 1k) we able to repeat these issues.

    Could you please check your MySQL configuration and ensure everything is well. We would also recommend to play with key cache memory size.

    As I said above we have no issues with standard MySQL configuration (like common shared server). For example we have one site with ~240k posts which takes only 40 min to reindex. Yes, this is slow operation, but not “several days” thing.

    You can have 312k posts displayed because WP FullText Search actually checks for ALL available wp_posts records, which can include attached images, records in trash, system post types and other things. It is required because WPFTS plugin intended to completely replace WP integrated search functionality. So this is OK.

    Here is possible reason of your issues:

    * not appropriate MySQL configuration (too small caches)
    * very big wpfts_index_post custom filter body (which is doing lots with each post)

    Are you using MyISAM? I’m using Innodb.

    Plugin Author Epsiloncool


    Hello, archon810!

    The plugin itself creating tables with MyISAM engine support, so yes, they have to be MyISAM. (But you can have other tables in InnoDB, no problem).

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