• I’m sorry to be the first to not give this plugin a 5-star rating. However, it appears that the plugin does not always sanitize the filenames of uploaded files. From my own experience, and by looking at the still open (1+ year old) support threads, it seems that the plugin does not handle files coming from OSX. Perhaps other OS’es are affected too.

    I’ve installed the plugin on many sites and now I see that on some sites there are hundreds of images with weird characters making them appear broken in many browsers. Trying to clean the mess up after the fact will be a tedious and boring job. Unfortunately, this plugin cannot be relied upon.

    This plugin goes through the effort of trying to map accented characters to ANSI counterparts, which is very nice. It’s much better than just wiping them all out. However, in those cases when the conversion fails the offending characters are left untouched. This is very bad. It would have been better if a final cleanup would just remove the “bad” characters from the file names, like some posters in the support forum have suggested.

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  • Plugin Author webvitaly


    Hi Tomas

    Thank you very much for your detailed feedback. I really appreciate it.

    I would love to fix those issues too. But unfortunately some of those issues are tricky to fix and related specifically to specific Browser on iOS behavior and same browser behaves differently in different OSs.

    I would be very thankful if you will share your solution here in case you will find any in future.

    And also here is the github plugin’s repo just in case you will have code to contribute into the plugin in future – https://github.com/webvitalii/filenames-to-latin

    Thank you.

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