• As soon as I updated to wordpress 3.5, my media began not uploading. None of my media library would appear on the upload screen, and even if an image was uploaded from my desktop, it would not appear in the blog post. To find out it was share a holic I simply disabled all plug ins and re enabled them one by one, testing each one as I went. Hopefully they push out an update on this soon. in the mean time, i will find a new sharing plugin. :/



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  • Same issue here. From a post/page, I select “media library” and the popup library tool says it’s empty. Of course it’s not, but it appears that way.

    This is the same via the Add Media button or the Featured Image selector.

    I just resolved my medila upload issue: I followed the forum’s advice and I reset the plugins folder.

    In my FTP I renamed plugins to plugins.hold. I refreshed my browser – in the Admin view. I then, back in the FTP, changed plugins.hold back to plugins. Back in the admin the media library worked just fine.

    Maybe that will work for you?

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