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    I cant turn off the block editor anymore with the classic editor v 1.0 no matter what setting i change and save. The gutenberg block editor is still the default one.

    I will stick to version 0.5

    I think there is a mistake in the release.

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  • Same for me …

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    Confirmed. it works on 5.0 but not 4.9.x with the Gutenberg plugin.

    I am using wp 5.1 beta ! and also tried 5.0 rc3 it does not work in either of them

    I’ve got the following setup and things appear to be working (classic editor in place, no block editor), if that helps pinpoint the issue.

    WP 5.0-RC3-43969
    PHP 5.2.17
    Classic Editor version 1.0

    Also checked with PHP 5.6.37 and 7.2.8, in all setups seeing Classic Editor for Pages and Posts.

    @chronicle… It does not work at all with wp 50 rc3. If moreover i have setting “Allow users to switch editors” to yes i get a big fatal error in the posts list.

    But turning it off still does give me the block editor.

    For what it’s worth. It works for me on 5.0rc3. Classic editor enabled and set as the default. Note that it works when I do not have the Gutenberg PLUGIN installed on it.

    If you install and activate the plugin it ignores the classic editor. But I think it makes sense as the classic editor from now on should replace the new standard editor in core and not the Gutenberg plugin.

    I can confirm this bug weather with 4.9 or 5.0

    I understand that thought process of the new plugin update targeting the WordPress v5 code, but considering the scale of this change, it’s a logical flaw with the plugin rollout.

    It is STRONGLY advised for everyone to test the WordPress v5 transition on a staging/development environment prior to pushing it live, which is one of the primary reasons why this plugin was released as early as it was and not along side the core code rollout.

    Logic (at least my logic) states that it should target both the WordPress v5 core editor AND the Gutenberg plugin, permitting that the cause of the issues is indeed with the selective targeting of the plugin overrides.

    @bianca wp 5 rc3 does not have the block editor build in ….. at least not in my download. So you dont need the classic editor plugin activated on that install when gutenberg plugin is not active.

    I didn’t realize it was only targeting core. And I kind of can’t believe that we’re just all realizing that todayI didn’t realize it was only targeting core. And I kind of paint believe that we’re just all realizing that today – at the minimum the documentation for the plug in need to be changed immediately to reflect this so that the average use our has something to explain to them what’s going on. And then obviously since millions of people downloaded the guttenberg plug into test things as they were advice to we should have ended to also affect the plug in not just core.

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    Update: This is being addressed by the developers and hopefully they’ll have a fix soon.

    Appears Classic Editor 1.0 plugin lost compatibility for WordPress 4.9.8 somehow?


    @backups That is a strange situation. It should contain the block editor in core as it’s kind of the point of the release candidate. I assume you downloaded it here.

    Just to rule other issues out; Do you have any caching plugins enabled or server caching enabled?

    Update: just noticed the other comments. ignore mine.

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    So, I’ve spent the entire morning updating from 0.5 to 1.0 (40 sites, mostly had to update by Deactivate>Delete>Add New to get 1.0 installed) and now there’s going to be another update to make it compatible? Shoot me now 🙁

    My boss requested that i update our word press to WP 5.0, which i did and immediately had problems. I read the forums and have installed the classic editor, and the classic editor add-on as well as the “Disable Gutenberg” Block Editor that restores the Classic Editor and original Edit Post screen. I have followed the directions from the forum and i can use the classic editor but only in text mode, the visual mode does not work and that is what i need the most. Please help.

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