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  • i'[ve made some changes, but im wondering is the site to dull in appearance. Looking for any feedback available. Thanks

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  • The yellow background of the introduction does help lure your eyes to content rather than the advertisements. However, the overall feel of the site doesn’t convey anything in particular. It could use some images and content to attract attention to your sites mission: kids.

    IMHO the Google ad’s, although somewhat on topic, are inappropriate located front and center. If you are sincere about what the ad’s link to, why not just have a Links page and skip the cheezy advertising? If you want to keep the ad’s, at least move them to a less prominant location. (I wouldn’t have seen the ad’s had I not accidentally turned off AdBlock Plus so a lot of visitors, who equally dislike advertising, won’t see them anyway).

    Keep up the good work,

    I would relocate your search bar. It’s very distracting at that size and would be better in your sidebar. This would then draw more attention to your tab links. About those links, I would consider adding a background color or removing the black outline which is kind of hard on my eyes against the white.

    And a question … your URL and banner says “Every kid count.” Grammatically it should be “Every kid counts,” and I’m kind of wrestling with that as I read through your site. I’m sure was already taken, which is why you’ve left off the “s,” but it would be a good idea to somehow address this on your website. You could turn it into word play to justify the incorrect grammar, such as: “Don’t I count?” … “Yes, you count.” … “Every kid?” … “Yes, every single kid.” That’s a little awkward for an example, but if you had some kind of quote or dialogue at the top to justify why there isn’t an “s,” it will make a difference.


    Thanks for all the support there. lol, Back to the drawing board.

    @ Big Mouse, you are correct – did exist but i had this name before i even knew that i intentionally went with every kid count. moreover, i would argue against your notion that “everykidcount” is grammatically incorrect. I personally believe everykidcounts would be incorrect; “does every kid count?”- yes evry kid does “count” – “how does every kid count” – by practicing equal education, and sharing an equal concern for the growth of all children will show that every kid does actually count. “why does every kid count” – every kid count because the kids are our future.

    I am grateful for all the feed back.

    I know it’s a little hard to understand, but it’s actually “counts.”

    Anyway, what matters is what you’re accomplishing with this great website, so never mind the grammar. I agree with relocating the Google ads. In their place I would move the boxes of post excerpts up to that location. You want important content front and center.

    Designing websites is a never ending process, though. Ugh. I’m right there with you!!

    Best wishes with your awesome organization …

    Black background = back button on browser.

    Thanks big mouse. i am really trying hard to get the site established before i really start anything. i havea lot of content to add an even an online course (just have to build the courses). i appreciate all you have given and anymore. you might not realize it but you are helping EKC in many ways thats the point to get all concerned citizens to participate in improving the lives of youth in every community…..anyway they can. A lot of people suggest i get some kind of grant or attempt to…but i really want this to be a community project (where the community is everyone involved.

    I went back to your site earlier and you had changed to a black background with white text…not a big fan of that, glad you switched back.

    Also, I looked at your theme as it comes standard. I like the fact that there is a light gray background with white content areas. It’s subtle, but it does help to make the content areas more prominant and breaks the page into more managable blocks. You might try that with various colors to see how it looks. I think it needs something to break up the huge expanse of white where everthing seems to run together.

    I’m not sure what your header image is, but I think you could improve that. And it needs a small margin at the top (10 or 15 px) so it doesn’t look so squeezed in.


    Hi EKC … I’m all about community, too, and people helping each other. Please check your email.


    P.S. I filled out your contact form via the volunteer link. If you don’t receive my message, please post back here. I couldn’t find any other way to contact you. Thank you!!

    Looks broken.

    Will come back later.

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