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    As a matter of fact, I was a little optimistic in validating as resolved my previous message Previous message

    A new cache from yesterday, a TTL of one week, no update done in the meantime.

    And yet pages are newly cached during a visit.

    I don’t see what I can check anymore.

    Thanks for any advice.
    Best regards

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  • The question is how you detect if a URL is cached or not. You know that whenwever you request a page with browser the cache status changes, so on this way there is no safe way to check if something goes or went wrong. LiteSpeed cache uses cache vary. That means that cache status may change depending on your settings. If you have Guestmode, webp Replacement or Mobile View enabled there are up to 8 different cache status. So whenever you try to verify if you think something is wrong you must check your settings, but also the cache header. The entries in the log file of your other post doesn’t tell anything about the cache status. These entries only tell about what and when your page was optimized. Optimized is not a sign if a page is successfully cached.

    Anyway and regardless of the above, LScache plugin has (huge) and already reported bug with cache vary, but cache vary has (almost) nothing to do if a page is optimized.

    The big question is if your question is crawler related?

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    Hi Serpentdriver,

    Thanks a lot for your very well argued answer.

    I know there are “multiple version” of what Litespeed cache can deliver. Here, no guestmode, no mobile cache, etc, just webp and Not webp.

    But there is definitely something I don’t understand.

    Crawler tells me that my 460 pages are “already in cache” (green status in crawler), but when I visit a random page at 00:20:30, I found in body:

    <!– Page optimized by LiteSpeed Cache @2022-10-04 00:20:31 –>
    <!– Page generated by LiteSpeed Cache 5.2.1 on 2022-10-04 00:20:30 –>
    <!– X-LiteSpeed-Cache-Control: public,max-age=604800 –>
    <!– X-LiteSpeed-Tag: 219_HTTP.200,219_product,219_URL./produit/collier-co025-apatites-sainte-lucie-naturelles/,219_Po.12441,219_ –>
    <!– Object Cache [total] 25399 [hit_incall] 24681 [hit] 488 [miss_incall] 199 [miss] 31 [set] 18 –>

    The second line tells me that Litespeed has just generated this page, at this instant, not before. which means that this page had not been seen before.
    Am I wrong ?

    And for this page, Response Headers tells me:

    x-litespeed-cache-control: public,max-age=604800
    x-litespeed-tag: 219_HTTP.200,219_product,219_URL./produit/collier-co025-apatites-sainte-lucie-naturelles/,219_Po.12441,219_
    x-lsadc-cache: miss

    which means that this page wasn’t in cache.

    A second visit tells me
    x-lsadc-cache: hit

    So something is not logical: if the crawler did its job then the 460 pages should be HIT, I should not find any page as MISS.

    That’s why I was wondering if the crawler was telling me the truth !

    Perhaps I don’t understand something.

    Thanks again for your time.
    Best regards

    Plugin Support qtwrk


    if the case was like TTL = 1 week , crawled yesterday , miss today , then your question is more like a “unwanted purge”

    please enable the purge log , see if it gives anything

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    Hi Qtwrk,

    Ok, I’ll keep an eye on the logs and try to figure out what is causing a “X-LiteSpeed-Purge” and ruining my cache

    Thanks a lot.
    Best regards

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