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  • I installed wordpress cache. When I list the files that are cached, the only files are:


    Is this working. Shouldn’t there be a lot more stuff. Shouldn’t it have a bunch of /p= and /cat= ect. I get 1,000 to 3,000 unique visitors per day, and people are definately looking at all different posts and pages of the website.

    So basically I want to confirm that the cache is in fact not working. Secondly, has anyone had this problem and know how to fix it?

    Thanks alot guys.

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  • Are you referring to the plugin wp-cache? If so, you should see comments from it at the bottom of your pages (when viewing source) if it is functioning.

    I don’t get that comment at the bottom. Could another plugin interfere? I’m using breukies page, breikies links, slimstats, Dagon Design Form, SEO – all in one, and google sitemap generator, akismet.

    If you visit Options -> WP-Cache, at the top is button to enable/disable. Is it enabled?

    Also, check out Options -> Reading. At the very bottom is an option about gzip — be sure that’s UNchecked.

    YEah, enabled and gzip is unchecked. Is there detailed instructions on wp-cache somewhere. I can only find limited documentation on it on the net.

    All I’m aware of is this huge page at the author’s site:

    What do you have in the field that specifies which urls *not* to cache?

    Reject: wp-

    Accept: wp-atom.php

    Just the default settings.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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