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  • Hi friends.
    I have two domain one is praimary domain and secondary domain is
    I have installed multisite on and it works well.i have also installed multisite on but when user sign-up on it creates subdomain and redirct me on this page

    where mayur37 is subdomain

    please help
    thank you…………….

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  • HuddersfieldH


    Hi Pradip.

    This seems like it could be a few things:

    – Are they both on the same hosting account? (Or same server if set up on a local computer) – This could be that the second site isn’t set up to work properly in the subdirectory

    – Have you just cloned installation 1? If so the domain won’t have changed, neither will the database, so you will be always using installation 1, just with a different domain.

    – Have you changed the keys for the salts and cookies in the wp-config from the default or made sure they are all different. If not this could be that the cookies are interfering with each other.

    If these don’t work, post back and I’ll post some more possible solutions.

    If you can post your domains and I’ll check them for you.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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