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  • Hello,

    I was reading a lot of things about wordpress and this is fortunately a lot of things to learn. But there its something I couldn’t figure out and maybe someone can bring some light into my darkness.

    I want to create a website that has general content and local content. I want to have a domain like and a subdomain for every city. The FAQ, About and some other things are general and should inherit the content from the parent site. The child site should add some additional stuff. The theme should be the theme from the parent site. I would like to have a central user administration. The people should be able to use the other sites with the same login.

    Is this possible with multisite or do I understand multisite in a different way?

    Thanks a lot for the enlightening,

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  • Most of this is possible with WordPress Multisite. There isn’t a built-in way to make new sub-sites inherit the content from the parent site, though. Each login can have access to as many sites, and at whatever level (Admin / Editor / Author etc) is required.

    Replicator can copy from a NON parent site – – but it’s pay for. And there are some broadcast plugins to push posts to all sites.

    Hello dgilmour,

    thanks for your reply. Could you please give some buzzwords / links to get me in the right direction on my further research about it? This would be really nice.

    Thanks, Vanessa

    Hello Ipstenu,

    thank you for your reply. The point with the broadcast plugin is a good idea. I will try to indicate some of them. Unfortunately it would mean to copy the content. For SEO reasons and because the general postings should have the same comments my goal would be to display the content from the main site.

    Thanks, Vanessa

    Bear in mind that SEO will not improve with duplicated content. The best content is NEVER duplicated. I use McDonalds as an example. They have multiple sites, all looking different, but when you click on ‘about our company’ you go to the parent site. They know you’re smart enough to understand a Happy Meal is part of McDonalds. It’s okay to trust your users have a brain and can comprehend that there are parent and children domains in all things.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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