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  • hi
    is anyone using Kitten’s Spaminator? Does it work on the spam Trackbacks & Pingbacks? After I installed it, all that huge amount of comment spam that I got, was caught & deleted but for the past 2 days, I’ve been getting spam Trackbacks & Pingbacks from everywhere & Spaminator is not acting on them. Can anyone suggest why?

    The trackbacks & pingbacks doesn’t contain any links or blacklisted words, so maybe that’s why Spaminator is not catching them. Just some nonsense like


    from some freak named mbvnwugc from the IP Clearly the purpose of this is not link popularity as its in comment spam. I think that this is a frustrated reaction of the spammer as he can’t get any of his spam comments through my defenses.

    Can anyone suggest anything? Please do not suggest closing down trackbacks etc on old posts as I wouldn’t want to block legit trackbacks to old posts of mine.

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  • I’m getting the same kind of nonsense, see:

    I am using Spam Karma, and it isn’t blocking these at all, but I’m not sure how much it could be expected to do random words from random sources.

    in 1.5, they would catch it. of course, all trackbacks, good and bad, would probably be flagged as spam by spaminator under 1.5 because of the way trackbacks are handled.

    I just got one today. I haven’t gotten any spam since I installed WP, but I’m using Spam Karma just in case.

    If it gets more frequent, hopefully something needs to be done.

    I don’t understand how it got through because:

    a) I close my comments after 10 days
    b) The trackback was for a post made back in October 2004


    It seems like spam karma’s comment closing doesn’t affect trackbacks. Are there neccessary hooks availble for plugins to stop trackbacks in the same way?

    no, but there is a way if you’re using 1.2 through 1.3. in 1.5, you’re pretty much screwed. trackbacks are funneled as comments. if there’s a referer check like in spaminator, all trackbacks would be flagged because there is no redirect_to to check against.

    Spam Karma doesn’t have comment closing…I don’t think. Rather, I’m using Auto shutoff comments.

    Going to think for a few minutes on switching over to Kitten’s Spaminator

    For now I’ve chmod-ed wp-trackback.php to 700. I’m getting no responces through trackback so i don’t mind.

    switching to spaminator is not going to help.

    charlie97: Oh. Um, alright then. I guess I’ll just sit on my hands and wait. =) *LoL*


    Can the creator of stopgap also make some way to battle trackback spammers?

    From: “A Slice of Americana” <>
    Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”utf-8″

    New trackback on your post # “Drool..”

    Website: zeoogpziv (IP: ,

    URI :

    <trackback />yvhvhgdrc

    You can see all trackbacks on this post here:

    The garbage spammer is just out to annoy us. I’ve gotten a few. But trackback/pingback spam is a problem that hasn’t been addressed yet, unlike spambot generated stuff.

    I’m in the middle of writing something to address trackback spam. What I have already would have killed one of the two that were posted in this thread, and it’s already killed one attempt at my site, so I’ll see what I can do about polishing it up and releasing it.

    Drop me a note, we might have similar ideas.

    This has hit me in the last couple of days. The IP addresses and referers seem almost random, as do the sites they come from. Now they’ve gone from complete garbage to p0rn and weird stuff (not something you’d want to be associated with, put it that way).

    This is something that needs addressing ASAP.

    Me too!

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