• I maintain a web site that has addresses of an organization’s board members. Wanting to better protect them from spam, I tried this plugin and am quite pleased. On the WordPress “Edit Page” for the page in question I enter email addresses in the form
    myname@myorg.com([Click here to send])*

    The plugin takes everything in the parentheses and displays that as the link. I’ve told the board members that if they’d prefer, I can do something like
    myname [at] myorg [dot] com
    or any variation they’d prefer, for their email address.

    At the bottom of the page in question I added the text
    * This site uses an “anonymizer” to protect email addresses from spammers. Click on the text if you want to send someone an email. In many browsers, moving the pointer to the link will give you a popup that displays the actual email address (preceded by “mailto:”).

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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