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  • It’s a pain to manage. You’re always afraid to break something. Or that something will break when you upgrade.

    It’s very counter-intuitive, the backend options are confusing and it’s hard to find what you’re looking for.

    I mean… To add a manual payment you have to go to ‘Payment History’… That’s just one example. How does that make any sense?

    It does its job, sure. But it’s sooo unbelievably time-consuming I think it’d be better to get a developer to create a custom made solution. It’s really not worth the money. The time. The pain that goes along.

    Did I mention how painful it is? PAIN!

    _____________________ EDIT _____________________
    Ok, it’s been some time and I calmed down a bit. Been using it for a few years now. Taking EVERYTHING into consideration it’s not a bad choice. YES, there are issues and my original review didn’t really change. But it should’ve been 4/5 not 2/5 as I originally posted.

    @mordauk yea, I know. Legacy, various obstacles and unforeseeable issues. Well, shit happens. I am thankful for a really good level of support, though.

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by  EricTracz.
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  • Plugin Author mordauk


    Hi Eric,

    Thank you for providing us with some very genuine feedback! While obviously it is not the kind of feedback we’d like to see, it does help us to know better where we can improve, so thank you.

    if you came to share, I would love to hear which options you find are counter intuitive and, if you have them, any suggestions on how they could be improved.

    I’m sorry that you have had a painful experience with it. If you are still using it, we would love to have the opportunity to make it less by painful for you by working through any additional feedback you have to improve it.



    That was a fast reply, I really appreciate that! Yea, still using it. But, I’m really sorry to say I’m not happy about it. Don’t get me wrong, again, it does the job. But it’s really counter-intuitive.

    My first suggestion would be:
    1. Get an ordinary wordpress user. Someone who has some wordpress experience and who’s never ever seen your product.
    2. Create a bunch of tasks for the user like:
    2a. Install it
    2b. Configure a product for sale
    2c. Configure a bundle for sale
    2d. Get some addons for edd, install them and add license keys (it’s hard to find the place where license keys need to be added.)
    2e. …
    I think you get the idea.
    3. Record the whole thing. Don’t help.
    4. Analyze that stuff. See how much it takes to figure out each of the things.
    5. See how you can improve it, make it better when it comes to UX/UI.

    I’m a PM and we create addons for WordPress. The thing is to always assume the worst case scenario and make sure you design UX/UI for an 80year old person who’s got very little to do with computers in general. That way you know that a 25year old guy will have zero problems with navigating through your stuff and doing what he wants to have done.

    The problem with many WordPress addons is that they’re created by geeks. Nothing wrong with that if other geeks wanna use it. But when a regular Joe sees whatever geek-created addon he will most likely get lost in it all.

    People are, in most, lazy. If your stuff requires too much from them to get it working they will drop it.

    As I wrote in the beginning. Still using it, but not happy about it. I would love to use it and be happy with it.

    I hope what I wrote above makes sense and gives you a bit more feedback and perhaps some ideas. I could carve out some time and even write up a google doc with all the stuff that bugs me personally beyond belief. And yes, I know the difference between: bugs, new features etc.

    Kind regards,
    Eric Tracz


    One more side note. I’m sorry but I just can’t wrap my head around this…

    Emails! Let’s say I wanna configure emails that go out on purchases, license expiration etc.

    Why, for the love of god and everything’s that holy, WHY?! are ALL the configurable email notifications NOT in one place, under ‘Emails’ tab. But some are hidden away under: Downloads > Settings > Extensions > Software Licensing ?

    All configurable emails should be in one place.

    This is exactly the thing I’m talking about. Plus. I get pissed. I write a not so good review (let’s leave it at that). I have to contact your support to get the information where to look for it.

    It’s wasting my time, your time, your support team’s time. And that time would be better spent on development of new features / improving existing ones. Other people will read about my pain and might get discouraged. In all fairness, I think I’m pointing out some basic stuff here. I’m not expecting rocket science.

    Sooo… would you please, with cherry on top, talk to whoever’s in charge of the product development about this?

    Kind regards,
    Eric Tracz

    Plugin Author mordauk


    You are absolutely correct: getting ordinary users to use software and then improving the areas they struggle with is an excellent way to improve software.

    A couple of notes:

    1. That is actually exactly what we do every single day by helping users, free and paid alike, with their questions and issues through our support system. We have a full team of support members and developers whose goal is to make the experience good for everyone, and that means not only resolving problems but also iterating on any and all feedback.

    2. I do believe we could help you have a significantly better experience by simply allowing us to work with you to resolve any questions or issues you have. I know that you have opened a ticket, to which I responded a few minutes ago, and I hope that through our interactions there we are able to give you a better experience. Through the resolution of the issues you run into, we also have an opportunity to improve interfaces, fix bugs, make better layouts, etc.

    3. Easy digital downloads is an open source project that is supported as a commercial product, but it is also very actively contributed to by community members. We have a very active github repository where anyone and everyone is welcome to submit feedback, bug reports, and suggested fixes. If that interests you, you can find it here:

    Plugin Author mordauk


    Regarding your comment on the emails, yes, there are some inconsistencies with where the settings are and we are very aware of this. It is one of the elements we are actively working on improving.

    A second note on the emails: that information, which I supplied as a reply to your support ticket, is also available in our documentation, which is linked prominently in the main menu of our site and also from each and every product page. Links to the documentation were also included in your purchase receipts.

    In terms of contacting the person in charge, you are talking to him. I am the owner, the founder, and one of two lead developers for Easy Digital Downloads.

    First and foremost, I have nothing bad to say about your support. Ever. It’s fast and to the point. But I’d rather NOT contact you or your support team.

    A great technical support team should be one bored guy browsing facebook who has to reply to perhaps one ticket every hour. That’s a sign of a fabulous product.

    As for being the owner, founder and a lead developer… Basing this on my past experiences working with some people it’s usually not the best combination. I’d get a PM to manage and give direction to the project. Someone who’s not ‘doodling’ with the code. Rather someone who has a vision for it, sees what can be fixed, can prioritize stuff and make sure it all works.

    That will free you up too. If you wanna be a lead dev you’ll have more time to focus on that and not deal with all the BS that comes with managing a project.

    I’ll be on the lookout and browsing your changelogs like a hawk. When the UX/UI gets better I’ll be happy to post a 5 star review and write to WordPress to remove this one as it wouldn’t be applicable any more.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you, the team and the project.

    Kind regards,
    Eric Tracz

    Plugin Author mordauk


    Thanks again for the feedback. If you do find yourself enjoying the platform more overtime as updates are released, allows you to come back and update this review at anytime (instead of posting a second one).

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