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  • Does this plugin work with WC Marketplace?
    By this, I mean: if one of the vendors in my store has a BigCommerce store, can I use this plugin to pull their products from BC into the vendor’s store in WCMp? Can I also use this plugin to send orders and payments to the vendor’s BC store?

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  • Plugin Support Kyle


    Hello @mairabay,

    After taking a look at this plugin and testing, I found the WCMp plugin was only designed for use with the WooCommerce plugin and won’t support functionalities our plugin provides. If it’s any consolation, you can list products from your BigCommerce store to other channels like Amazon and Facebook through our Channel Manager.

    For your second question, I wanted to clarify that by “this plugin” you’re referring to the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin and that it does handle orders and payments through the BigCommerce store. You’ll have access to this information from the BigCommerce control panel exclusively, only the products and settings are found in the WordPress dashboard.

    Hi Kyle,

    I’m not sure you understood my questions.

    I don’t have a BigCommerce store, some of my vendors do. So I don’t really care that they can list their products on Amazon and similar. I want them to be able to list their products on my marketplace. I was wondering if this could be achieved with your plugin, but it seems like it can’t.

    For the second question, what I want to know is if your plugin will work considering that I have many products from multiple vendors on my markeplace, some of them have a BigCommerce store and some don’t. I might also have 2 or more vendors in my marketplace, each one with a different BigCommerce store. Will your plugin still work?

    I hope my use case is more clear now.

    Plugin Support Topher


    Hi @mairabay, I’m with BigCommerce as well, and I’d like to ask a few questions as well.

    How are these other stores getting product into your marketplace? Are they being imported via API or something, or perhaps JavaScript buy buttons?



    Hey Topher
    Thanks for the reply.
    I haven’t actually added the vendors that have a BigCommerce store into my marketplace yet (I just started building this marketplace a couple of months ago). Right now I am working on the vendors that only have a PDF catalog.
    When I get to the Big Commerce vendors, I will see if I have the time to pull their products via an API like you are saying or if I will just copy-paste them (since it is a one-time operation).
    The biggest issue is not the importing of the products but the ongoing syncing of inventory, orders, etc.
    Does that clarify more?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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