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Does it work well with Multisite?

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  • I installed and network activated on a Multisite. There’s no “Network Level” settings, but it seemed to work fine.

    What happened to the option to change a username? I’d specifically like to change the “admin” username for security, but don’t see that option as shown in the screenshot.

    Hi Good questions. Did you get it to work for a multi site?

    I have +500 spam blogs that I deleted on the admin side but they are still present as DBs. I want to get them out of the DBs. Will this plugin do that for me on a multi install of wordpress?

    I did install it an it does work. However, it works on a site-by-site basis from what I can tell. I don’t think it cleans the whole network. And I’m almost positive it won’t remove those old sites from your database. This is a feature I’ve asked several plugin developers to create/add. When you delete a site in Multisite, it leaves a bunch of tables created by the various plugins (especially those network activated) that were running on that site. It’s not too difficult to do an audit and see which sites still exist, then delete all those that don’t. However, that’s only true if you have a few deleted sites. It would be super handy for instances like yours for a plugin to detect which had been deleted and remove the remaining tables from the database.

    Hope this plugin or some other one will add that kind of network-level multisite support.

    Thanks Tevya

    I agree. It would be a cool tool.

    But it looks like a process and more to get it. A WordPress user B. Schuiling suggested some ideas on how it can be done. But there does seem to be plugin and he suggests getting someone to write it. I think he may be able to do it at a fee. I did not check it with him.

    I must check if my host can do a once off for me.

    Have a look here

    Plugin Contributor ruhanirabin


    Hello guys, yes it works in a site by site basis.. currently no network supported as of now.



    Please add multisite support!

    Plugin Contributor ruhanirabin


    Multisite support is at this moment a bit complicated. I am thinking of disabling the plugin for multisite or find a way to enable it only for the multisite main admin. Still a matter of R&D.



    My multisite installation is in one DB. I have WP Optimize activated on just my root site. When I optimize from my root site all sites are optimized.

    Plugin Contributor ruhanirabin


    Yes if you have it activated on the root site. you will be able to optimize all sites db (since it is in the same db)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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