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  • I’d like to know that too. I got the link off wootheme page but not sure what to do for this to work on the shop page.

    I found “Why doesn’t it work on ____ page?
    Currently, the plugin is disabled for everything but the main page, but I’ll work on enabling it for Archives, Categories, and Tags.”


    and I have a shop page set as my home page so I assume that is why it’s not working correctly.

    I also did that, my shop is also set as home page.

    Hi, I did find out that if you set the number of post showing on the home page as 20 then 20 product will show on each page. It doesn’t help with this plug in but at least you get more products on the home page.



    I posted how to get it to work in another thread already using woothemes canvas.

    Please note I don’t think these are universal settings and you may need to adapt them to your theme

    #content #main ul.products
    ul.products li.product

    Unfortunately it doesn’t work very well with the Ajax Layered Navigation woocommerce plugin, so if you are using inf scroll then you are probably not going to want to use that as well. Much to my annoyance. It does work seem to work fine with the standard in built layered nav widget though.

    If you have these settings in, then you can’t also have it working on the blog page as well. (unless someone knows otherwise)



    doesn’t work for me even when using the correct CSS selectors.

    Hi guys, I was trying to integrate the infinite scroll into my website built on WordPress3.8.1 with Mystile theme and Woocommerce 2.0.20
    I added the CSS selectors to my Infinite-scroll setting page as following:

    #content #main ul.products
    ul.products li.product

    and it worked like magic!!!!
    if you have YITH Ajax Layered Navigation filter installed that may cause problems as JON-B mentioned above, to avoid the javascript conflict caused by the 2 plugins, change the Ajax layered nav with Woocommerce Layered navigation which btw comes with your Woocommerce default widgets(Admin dashboard > appearance >widget> woocommerce layered nav) more information about how to use it could be found here.
    It has the same functionalists as YITH Ajax layered navigation. after that go to your products shop page and refresh the page to see the plugin in action.
    I hope this can help somebody else trying to install #Infinite-Scroll plugin on #Woocommerce 2.0.20.

    I added the CSS selectors to my Infinite-scroll setting page as following:

    Where you added it? (exactly filepath and filename)


    You do it in the wordpress admin, there is no filepath and filename.

    In your wordpress admin, go to the settings on the menu and then click on infinite scroll.

    There are four boxes there to put the settings in. There is a screenshot of them on the plugins screenshot page:

    It does work with the right selectors but it seems to be breaking the media uploader…

    Jon-B, thank you! I found it for theme “twentytwelve”! But i can’t set this for current theme “flatsome”.

    TwentyTwelve has presets already submitted in by others.

    For that theme if there isn’t a pre-set already submitted, then you will have to manually work them out and enter them in the four boxes on the infinite scroll options in your wordpress admin.

    Please note this thread is for using it with woocommerce. If you are just trying to set it up for posts in another theme, then I suggest creating a new thread. If you can’t work it out yourself then make sure you create a link to an installation using that theme and pershaps someone can take a look and help you work it out.

    You could also try emailing the theme author for support.

    then you will have to manually work them out and enter them in the four boxes

    at first I can enter in the four boxes on the infinite scroll options in wordpress admin page like this (data is other)

    But this only for TwentyTwelve theme.
    I can’t see the buttons “save” and “cancel” for themes…it’s strange

    I’d create a new support thread then. I’ve no idea why you can’t see those buttons.

    Hi, I just wanted to share with you classes I put to make it work.


    First I tried to put li.products instead of ul.products but the render was bad because the CSS style for products is :

    .woocommerce ul.products li.product, .woocommerce-page ul.products li.product

    Now it’s working fine and looking good 🙂


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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