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  • I’ve just finished restyling my blog, and i’ve included a nav bar thingy at the very top. I’m just wondering if it is positioned correctly at 800×600 resolution, and also resolutions above 1024×800. Basically, I only have access to 1024×800 resolution, and I need it checked out in others.

    The navbar should be in the very top left of the header. Thanks!

    I should note that the navbar isn’t visible in IE on purpose, because it can’t display transparent PNGs

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  • I’m running 1280×1024 and it’s on the right side of the header. The right side of the header image splits the word ‘archives’ in between the ‘i’ and ‘v’

    Small suggestion: The colour that you’ve chosen for links is extremely difficult to read due to the lack of contrast between it and the background.

    I can understand that you want to make it fit in thematically but may I suggest that you choose a more readable colour? For example, a bold orange would fit nicely in line with your colour scheme…

    I’m seeing your navbar at the top right in FF. Also, it’s not that hard to add transparent PNG support for IE.

    Dgstinner – thanks for the feedback, it shouldn’t be there, should be a bit futher left. It’s because it’s positioned using percentages. I was afraid this might happen. Is there any way I can position it a certain number of pixels from the edge of the header image? (Must point out I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to CSS etc, but I’m picking it up).

    Ifelse – I know what you mean. I did think that when I did it. In the end I thought it was just readable enough, but if you’re finding it hard to read, I may change it.

    Lawtai – Isn’t it? ooh, how?

    Thanks for feedback, keep it coming…

    for PNG support in IE

    also, maybe try using a position:absolute for your navbar?

    cheers for the link, I’ll try that out. But surely ‘position:absolute’ wouldn’t work, cos the distance between the header and the side of the page would change with resolution, but the distance between the navbar and the side of the page wouldn’t. If that makes sense…

    well, position:absolute would be with regards to a position on your theme, not the viewing window. I’m using position absolute wiht my navbar, and it works no matter what the resolution.

    aha, good point. I’ll give it a whirl. Also, having some problems with the PNG fix. I have installed the code as instructed, but still getting nasty grey bits around the bar. Is this a problem with my PNG image?

    yea, i think it’s your png image

    actually, I think it may be because I haven’t defined the image size, as it says you must on the link you gave. Can I do this in CSS?

    heh, sorry no idea. when i used it, i never changed anything for size of pictures.

    Never mind. Y’know, it’s kinda funny. When experimenting, I accidentally turned off the image behind the navbar altogether, and I think I like it better that way (insert “sheepish” emoticon here).

    Still having positioning problems though. On my template, position:absolute seems to position it realtive to the whole viewing window. Any other ideas how to position the bar relative to the header, not the whole page?

    [ps, just realised I can just change my resolution to 800×600 in the settings display tab. duh. still need info on 1280 tho]

    wow that is BRIGHT! the links are very difficult to read, if at all. And your nav bar at the top is centred rather than aligned top left as you want it. This is in FF with 1280×1024

    hehe I got tired of dull blue blogs :). I heed your calls for more readable links, I’ve changed them to a kind of bright orange (here).

    I’ve now centred the navbar on purpose, because otherwise I can’t get it to stay fixed where I want it.

    I noticed you’re using the binarybonsai navigation? Try this:

    Find a horizontal menu you like and set it how you want it. I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work.

    I can give you a hand if you want, though I promise nothing: sekhudotnet at gmaildotcom

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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