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  • Plugin Author Ian


    You can use the above link to see that our main site,, indeed passes the webmaster tool test and shows a star rating.

    It does take a little bit for google to “figure out” that the stars are there, however, so it might take some time for them to display. Also, Google is constantly changing how they interpret and process search results, so we are also having to constantly shift the way in which we code in the “meta data” (figuratively, not literally, as of course google does not use metadata anymore) so that Google can best pick up on it.

    Try our plugin out, and let us know if you have any problems with it. It should do everything you want it to, and we are constantly working to improve it, and improve its compatibility and dialogue with search engines!

    Also, the star colors are fixed for the moment because they are actually text characters and we didn’t want the color to clash with any themes we might not be aware of! A color customizer is definitely in the works 🙂

    Thanks for your input.
    Shouldn’t the google webmaster tool detect the rich reviews working?
    Indeed, your’s looks be working fine, but others don’t.
    Also, the WP customer reviews with google webmaster tool says its working and on google search not even one….

    Strange thing the gooogle algorithm…

    Plugin Author Ian


    Can you give a link to a site where the webmaster tool says it’s not working using the Rich Reviews plugin? That would help a lot if I had another site to look at.

    Here you go:

    Website with your plugin:
    Website with WPSocial SEO Booster Settings:

    (url shortener links forwarding each one to Google Structured Data Testing Tool)


    Plugin Author Ian


    I see the problem, I believe. There are two types of shortcodes, one to display reviews (which you obviously are using) and another to display an overall rating, which will attach the data google looks for to display star ratings. This shortcode is [RICH_REVIEWS_SNIPPET]. The reason they are separated is so that you can, in theory, place this aggregate rating in a footer and potentially have these star-ratings show up for each of your pages.

    Hello again,

    I’m using two shortcodes together, on the same page:

    the first will show the form and the second will show all reviews below.

    Aren’t supposed to be together?

    Ok i think i understand now….
    Made a test with another page of my website:

    check please here:
    In this page, used only [RICH_REVIEWS_SNIPPET] shortcode

    So, let me see if i understand correctly:
    Google will only show star rating on search if using this last shortcode, correct?

    This means, to display the user form, the reviews and to be indexed at google, i need to use three shortcodes together:


    Am i thinking right?
    Thanks again for your help.

    Plugin Author Ian


    That’s correct. I realize that it’s a little strange to need three different shortcodes for a dedicated page – but I wanted to build in variability, because everyone uses it in a slightly different way.

    Ok, it’s not a problem.
    Wasn’t understanding earlier how it was working.
    Will be using and see how things work in the next few days, when google makes update to search.


    One last question:
    When searching your website at google,, and since you have your own plugin installed, why the star rating is not appearing when making a search?

    Plugin Author Ian


    This is something we’re investigating. Google is cagey about their exact algorithms. We have implemented the markup necessary for Google to pick up on the star rating (as can be seen from the webmaster tools), but obviously it’s not showing up at the moment. We think it might be that Google just takes a little while to cache/index the page and recognize the rating. Rest assured, we are working to ensure that everything will show up on Google, as we ourselves want to use this plugin to show star ratings on various websites! For now, we are being patient and hoping that the Google index will be updated soon.

    Ok, thanks.
    I will be using this plugin in one of my websites.
    On the other two websites, will be using two different plugins each other, and will be monitoring google to see if anything changes meanwhile.
    From the three plugins used, none is yet displaying the star rating when searching.

    But will be patient and keep on waiting 😉

    Plugin Author Ian


    I will be VERY interested in seeing the results of your experiment – please keep me updated!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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