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  • As far as I’ve seen, WP-o-Matic does not update posts after they have been created. Instead you have to delete the posts (which may be achieved through the “tools” section of each campaign).

    Unfortunately you then have to remove and re add the feed in order for WP-o-Matic to re read the items again. It seems the “Reset” link does something else than resetting the feed in that aspect.

    How about an approach where the RSS items are never actually imported into WP, but only displayed? This should make them update if the feed is updated. There are a number of plug-ins for that (e.g. “Syndicate Press” and “RSS Importer”).

    Sorry, RSS Importer does not do what you want!

    You should use “WP RSS Multi Importer” instead. It has an option for just displaying items.

    “WP RSS Multi Importer” has an option to import items as well but it still does not update them once they are imported.

    I think almost all RSS plug-ins out there either assumes you only show the items or that you import them once and for all and then they aren’t updated again.

    Actually, the Feed2Post plugin does that wonderfully. The reason I started to look elsewhere was because some of its functionality didn’t work properly with the newest WP updates.

    Aha. I stand corrected then. Haven’t looked at that plugin.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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