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  • Hi.

    I signed up for muut. So far it looks very clean and promising.
    I have a few questions.

    I have embedded it on my blog that contains many categories and posts.
    My question is how much will this slow your site down after many members have joined and many topics have been created and many replies have accumulated?

    Also can this be configured with User Pro or Users Ultra to enable more detailed profiles of the members?

    Lastly, how do you “clean up the forum”? Do you have an automation tool designed to delete topics and posts that are greater than 1 year old.

    Many Thanks.

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  • Plugin Author Paul Hughes


    Hi there! Welcome!

    Good news; Muut won’t slow down your site at all. And I mean at all (if it does, let me know). 🙂 It is a hosted solution, so all of the server load related to Muut happens on our servers, and our servers are blazingly fast; our average server response time is 4 milliseconds.

    Muut should be able to work with User Pro and User Ultra (and other user plugins) just fine, as long as they are built upon the WordPress user system (which I believe they are). If not out of the box with the plugin, it is likely it can be implemented to work with them just fine with a little bit of extra code (I can help you with that if it ends up being the case).

    We don’t have an automated system for deleting post, but we do have automatic spam filtering based on Akismet. One of our core values actually is that conversations should be permanent. I’d definitely encourage you to check out that link as well as the rest of our Manifesto, which outlines why we do what we do, and how we are working to create better discussion online. 😀

    Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy Muuting!

    Thread Starter Xenique


    Hi Paul.

    Thank you.

    Does Muut have any plans on expanding the social profiles? It would be the perfect forum!

    Plugin Author Paul Hughes


    My pleasure! At this point, that isn’t on our roadmap, as we actually have kept them intentionally simple. Our goal is to make a discussion platform that is based on creating fast, easy-to-use, and authentic conversations. We specifically have kept things simple for that reason.

    Now, obviously many people want to integrate it and have more expanded and intricate user management, which is why we built in support for Federated Identities, which allows user systems like that to integrate with Muut seamlessly. It is built into the WordPress plugin, so on the site administration end, it takes no extra effort to integrate it with WordPress and more intricate user plugins like that. WordPress and other website systems do user management and big profiles really well. We do discussion really well, and so being able to tie the two together seamlessly we believe is the best option, and actually affords a higher level of control and customization for websites. Once a user is logged into your website, they can post. No second login, and no trouble trying to tie two more complex systems together.

    Hope that makes sense! Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

    We have Users Ultra configured with Muut, (I think we were the “guinea pigs”). Works well but it may require their help to get it going with additional scripting at this stage. I assume User Pro therefore would work (with help) too.

    Plugin Author Paul Hughes


    Nice, thanks for sharing your experience! You’re likely exactly right, that it should work fine but might take a little bit of jiggering to finish it (tying in with Avatar setups from various plugins sometimes takes a little bit of code addition, a couple lines tops). The plugin is built to support that sort of extensibility, and I’m always more than happy to help with those little bits of custom coding to finish tying the Federated Identities in with a system like that. 🙂

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