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  • I’m using the importer to pull from my posterous site. I can see it brought all the blog posts and pictures (though the pictures are reduced in size…but at least they are there!). As for the videos, it shows the thumbnail but then links back to the posterous blog site in order to play the videos. How do I move the actual videos to my own hosted site (esp. since Posterous is going offline soon)?

    Alternatively, I have run and downloaded the backup file from posterous (2GB) but the import into a test blog had worse results!

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  • The importer should pull the files in, but since it can’t know what media embed plugins you have installed, it can’t do anything with them. This thread includes a rundown of how one guy handled it (with a little help from a custom plugin I wrote for him). Maybe that’ll get you started. Worst case, as long as you’ve downloaded your backup file from Posterous, you can manually upload new videos into the posts.

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