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  • Although improvements are great with any software. WordPress is definitaly worth ANY head aches that do come along… Three upgrades on a heavily customized theme in less than three months is a bit ridiculous… no?

    I’m not complaining but… well I guess I am. I’m seriously thinking about dropping WordPress until a FINAL stable release. I just don’t have the time to keep up with the upgrades.

    Is this release going to be something I can hang my hat on a while?

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  • At this point, I’m thinking the same. Though I’ve already upgraded which complicates it a bit.

    While entering my first post with 2.5 I encountered a number of errors I’ve never seen. Maybe I’m just feeling a little bitter right now, but you might think about keeping your hat on.

    Hoping he’s wrong…

    People gets no updates and they whine (see: phpBB had no 2.x releases since 3 gold)
    People gets updates and they whine anyway (WordPress)

    Updates = GOOD!
    This means development team works hard to make your site more secure, should thank them instead!
    No one force you to update, I know people still with 2.0 or even 1.5, too bad they got hacked :3

    Just because one makes changes and calls it an update does not mean it will be a good update or that the community feels it is a step forward. WordPress 2.5 is a step back in many areas including the funtions and overall GUI.

    An entry from my own blog:

    “One thing that bugs me about Open Source software is that as soon as you have it modified to your taste and running, a new version comes out, meaning that if you want to upgrade, chances are you’ll have to start everything from scratch and once you’ve done so, a lot of modifications, hacks and plugins won’t work anymore.”

    I myself would prefer security updates over constant overhauls.

    In terms of new features, these might be nicer as officially issued WordPress plugins (like widgets once was, and Askimet).

    I do appreciate the hard work the developers do, and I’m big fan of WordPress, but the 3 month upgrade cycle, which frequently breaks customizations and plugins, and usually leads a whole slew of .xx fixes makes it hard to feel secure about installing WordPress for paying clients.

    The customization/plugin aspect of WP is one of its major strong points, but this gets weakened when you realize that the plugin you loved is not supported for new versions, and has meanwhile been abandoned by the developer, etc.

    Just saying that issuing patches frequently and upgrades much less frequently would lessen the headaches for a lot of users. It’s not whining — it’s an observation about usability, and as a WordPress fan, I want it to be popular.

    I sure agree with the above post…

    Its too cold – Its too hot.

    People will complain no matter what you do.

    @ Jowah : I agree completely with you. Too much complaining and not enough gratitude for a great system, hardworking dev team and FREE product!




    There are two things to understand — and the first is the most important.

    1. No-one makes you upgrade.

    When 2.1.x came out, everyone leapt like lemmings off the proverbial ledge to upgrade, not even understanding that it was not anything that they had to do. There was not, and still isnt, anything wrong with 2.0.11. If you were to hop in a time machine, the posts here were covered here in “the opposite of accolades” (I wont use the word complaints).

    The same holds true, so far, for this release. You DONT have to upgrade. It’s your site, not Matt’s.

    2. To suggest, as quite a few have, that expressing an opinion that doesnt contain a “yay!!” is complaining, or too much complaining, or whining (taken from another thread) is ridiculous and out of line.

    Obviously, there is plenty of gratitude, and “love” for WP or ppl wouldnt take the time time and effort to upgrade, fix the problems, post here, etc.. They would ditch it, and go install something with a smaller footprint.

    In fact, just because something is free, doesnt mean that you absolutely adore it, or have to. This is a support forum, not a hugfest, and consequently, the posts here are largely going to fall on the side of those that are having problems.

    Problems make ppl unhappy. Unhappy ppl dont say nice things.

    Appreciation does not have to be blind. Were it, it wouldnt be real.

    “There was not, and still isnt, anything wrong with 2.0.11”

    I’m seriously considering going back to 2.33 till they iron out the new version’s bugs but if I remember correctly, 2.5’s installation routine also upgrades the database…

    2.5’s installation routine also upgrades the database

    Yup. That’s why you’ll need a backup of your old database.

    You’re not forced everytime to upgrade.

    Read. What they changed in that new release? Do people even read what was changed ?

    I remember one of the last “patches” was about an issue when using more than one author, that mean at least 50% of the people could easily skip that.

    And again, talking about a final release makes me L O L
    How can you talk about final releases of a web script ? Come on use common sense! Hackers will always find a way to put their fingers even in the tiniest hole of your software no matter what.
    Again, that’s why we get constant upgrades.

    Be grateful, don’t whine. WP dudes love us.

    Hackers will always find a way to put their fingers even in the tiniest hole of your software no matter what.

    I myself would prefer security updates over constant overhauls.

    Exactly! New features can be implemented via plugins.

    Jowah said:

    Be grateful, don’t whine. WP dudes love us.

    I’ve certainly seen whining on other threads in the WP forum, but I don’t see any here. Constructive criticism != whining.

    The WordPress developers have *asked* for feedback, and in their statements on WP 2.5 specifically note that many changes were based on user feedback. The developers have done a commendable job of building a community around their open-source software, and that is certainly one of the factors in WordPress’s enormous popularity.

    The criticisms of the WP upgrade process made in this thread are IMO not only quite legitimate, but serve the developers by letting them know our thoughts. Others may disagree, of course, but if no one said anything, how would the developers know how the community is experiencing WordPress?

    So you can call it whining, if you like. I call it taking the time to share my thoughts about a piece of software I find exciting and useful and to which I am committed.

    And *of course* we are grateful that WordPress is free and open-source, and appreciative of all the work the developers do to improve it. That’s why we’re here to talk about it.

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