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  • First—the Giphypress plug-in looks awesome. I use giphy all the time. Looking forward to integrating fun giphs into my blog posts.

    Question 1: Does using Giphypress work cleanly on platforms other than my own blog and Facebook like LinkedIn and Medium, for example? I post articles on LinkedIn and Medium as well and would love for Giphypress to work “cleanly” on those platforms as well.

    Question 2: Can I hyperlink a gif from Giphypress into a word or a block of text? In other words, instead of embedding the gif itself and having the gif constantly looping in the body of a blog post, can I hyperlink some text like “click here”, for example, and have the gif repeating once the reader clicks on the “click here” hyperlinked text?

    Sorry, if #2 is a super basic question, but I could and would use Giphypress for both occasions.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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