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    I just installed and activated the free version of this plugin and I can’t see any way to do anything with it. All the documentation talks about the PRO version. Does the free version actually do anything?

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  • Yes same here.
    What does the free version do and how do you set it up

    Does EVERY item have to have the weight AND dimensions data to each products.
    Can we test it with just a couple items first.

    And do the items that have weight AND dimensions have to be used to use this plugin?

    What if I use an item that only have weight

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    Hi @acoggins
    Sure, just activate the plugin, go to the Shipping Zones page, assign “Australia Post” to one of the zones, and then click on Australia Post, you will be redirected to the settings page. We will modify the documents to add this.

    No, you can test for one product that has weight and dimensions. But in order for the plugin to work for all products, yes, all of them needs weight and dimensions. Or you can use the default weight and dimensions to apply them for all products that do not have weight and dimensions.

    What if I use an item that only have weight

    The plugin will use the default dimensions from the plugin’s Settings page.

    Please, let us know if you have any other questions.

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    so how do you do the default dimensions. I added the settings

    Default Package Weight

    Default Package Width

    Default Package Height

    Default Package Length

    But still there is NO shipping cost on the checkout page

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    Please, enable the Debug Mode from the plugin’s Settings page. And then go to the Checkout page and send me the debugging messages that you see. Thanks.

    I enable the debugging mode but still all I get is
    There are no shipping options available. Please ensure that your address has been entered correctly, or contact us if you need any help.

    and there are NO debugging messages on the page

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    make sure that you are triggering the shipping zone. and make sure that the zone has Australia in the regions options. An at checkout, make sure to add an Australian address.

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    hello @wealthy,
    did you manage to solve the issue?

    No not yet.
    I might have to get several screenshots for you

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    If you are still interested. Please, send me a screenshot of the WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping page.

    I tested multiple times on our dev website, and it seems everything works fine. It must be a configuration issue.

    Ok Thanks. Yes I would like to get this sorted.

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    Thanks for the screenshots.

    As I expected, you can not have two shipping zones for Australia and expecting them both to work. Only the one on top will be triggered, which does not have Australia Post assigned. Please, leave only one zone for Australia and add both Flat Rate and Australia Post shipping methods assigned to it.

    Ok so I adjusted that but the prices are incorrect.
    Now since a change a while ago the price is $9.20 for a small
    Thats $8.95 plus 25 cents for the satchel

    So the freight is right but it does not include the bag for Parcel Post
    and likewise for the Express post

    Also each bag can now have 5KG. So at what stage does it change price to be the next bag size up? To fit a larger amount of items?


    Plugin Author Waseem Senjer


    The plugin does not support the new “If It Packs, It Posts” options. We are working on them.

    If you are using the prepaid satchels options, this is available in the paid version of the plugin.

    This plugin supports domestic own packaging options, regular and express.

    yes I do have the pro version. but do I need measurements with that. or will it work with just weights etc..

    will load it tomorrow

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