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  • From reading reviews and comments, it seems there is some confusion about what THIS plugin does. It does NOT create forms (the GravityForms plugin does that), THIS is simply an add-on ‘bridge’ to send the DATA from the forms you create using GravityForms into your Infusionsoft account so that you can manage those contacts in Infusionsoft.

    It does that spectacularly well, and offers some nice features such as adding Tags used by Infusionsoft as it sends the data over, so that you can use those Tags to trigger automated sequences (such as follow-up emails, etc).

    It’s very simple to setup with your Infusionsoft API key and account subdomain (and even shows you how to find that info if you don’t know it). It’s very simple to create a “feed” from each of your forms into your Infusionsoft account, and to map the fields from your form into the contact fields at Infusionsoft.

    Something that isn’t very clear is that if you have fields in your form that are not your typical contact fields, you must FIRST create those “custom” fields in your Infusionsoft contact record setup so that you can THEN map them from your form to those fields as you create your form’s “feed”.

    BUT all-in-all this is a truly great plugin if you just need to send your GravityForms-submitted contacts/data to your Infusionsoft account.

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  • This would get a 5-star rating from me if the developers would add (as a future version feature request) the option to feed directly into an Infustionsoft-created Form, so that actions that require a Form Submission in Infusionsoft as a trigger can be used – for example to keep consistency in an HTTP Post from Infusionsoft to an external database, or for lengthy chained sequences that use the form-submission-to-landing page sequence.

    Add a tag goal to such a sequence and apply the tag as part of the GF form post action.

    In other words, the campaign has two goals: form post and tag applied. Achieving either goal starts the contact in the sequence.

    @jchimene – it’s not the same thing.

    We do make extensive use of Tags when using this plugin to send contact data into Infusionsoft – however, some actions in Infusionsoft can only be used IF the trigger is a FORM submission using a form **created in Infusionsoft**… other words, using THEIR form, not a GravityForm….. If your data comes from a GravityForm embedded on your web page, you can’t use “form submission” as a trigger, because you have to specify WHICH INFUSIONSOFT FORM (NOT GravityForm) was submitted.

    Thus my request to have this plugin feed the data into an Infusionsoft form, NOT just into the Contacts database with a Tag applied.

    I realize it’s asking a lot of this plugin, but honestly adding this option is what would make this plugin the most useful it could possibly be, because it then allows one to make use of ALL the triggers in Infusionsoft, not just the “Applies a Tag”.

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