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  • Review after Migration 1:

    I’m very impressed with this plugin. I used it to migrate a WP site from one domain to another. It worked exactly as I hoped, taking care of all the database and files migration, as well as details of the URL change. Tested the new site but couldn’t find any broken links or functionality. Total time for migration was less than 10 minutes. Backup file size was 200MB.

    Very good experience: 5/5 stars.

    Review after Migration 2:

    Less impressive experience when migrating a slightly larger site (backup file size: 300MB). The restore process went to a 504 (Gateway Timeout) the first two times, and initially seemed to work the 3rd time, but I am seeing some inconsistencies and I don’t feel I can trust that it’s been correctly migrated so I’m going to look for a different solution.

    Not the smooth experience of the first migration: 1/5 stars.

    I’m averaging the rating out to 3/5 based on these experiences. I think that this plugin will work great for some sites, so I recommend testing it out, particularly if you are moving a smaller site.

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