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  • I just updated my site since I was curious as to how the updates would work. It worked quite painlessly. However, when it was done it asked if I wanted to update all the sites as well.

    I was under the impression that the multi user capability was sharing the same codebase and db amongst all the sites (not that I’ve done any research into that, just that I don’t see any subdirectories anywhere for the subdomain sites).

    So, if they are sharing code and database, what exactly needs to be updated in the network sites? Or am I off base in assuming that they are sharing all the code?

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  • No, you’re right 🙂

    Updates work like this: You update the base php files and then, just like you do now, log in to the admin side and it updates the database. In the case of WP MS, you update the db tables for each blog, but it’s automated.

    The asking for each site to be updated is that last bit with the db tables 🙂

    Thanks Ipstenu. I’m surprised that it doesn’t just go ahead. Why wouldn’t you want to update the tables after updating the files?

    Same reason it asks you on Single Site, I think.

    When you upgrade on single site, it says ‘I need to upgrade!’ and you have to click okay. On multi site it does the same thing and then, one at a time, updates your DB tables. That’s ‘best practices’ in the ‘real world’ too, mind. We always do one at a time, to reduce server load on upgrades.

    I don’t see this behaviour on 2.9.2. When I ask it to update it does all the steps, start to finish. I’m not sure how that works in 3.0 in single site mode since I haven’t tested that yet. I need multi site for a project I’m working on so that is my focus right now.

    What I see when I update the network is a 2 step process rather than 1 step. Still, this is much better than having to run updates on each site individually!

    It depends on the upgrade. Not every upgrade in WP has a database component. When it does, you WILL see the two-step in single-site, I promise you 🙂

    Want to find out? Install WP 2.5, upgrade to 2.7 and then to 2.9. You’ll see it 😉

    That makes sense — the db would be pretty stable except for major releases.

    On an upgrade, it does the main site, then you have to hit the update button for the db updates on the remaining sites. If you have, say, two HUNDRED, you do not want to do them all at once. That’s why it’s two-step. 😉

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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