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  • Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    The BenchPresser

    In terms of CPTUI specific settings, we have two total that we save to the options table.


    These two hold all the selected values you choose when creating a post type with our plugin.

    Everything else, posts in the post types, meta data on those posts, terms created for the posts and taxonomies, etc. They all go to the appropriate other WordPress tables. We don’t store anything like that in a custom place. We also do not delete content if you happen to part ways with CPTUI. If you delete our plugin, those post type posts will still exist in case you want to keep using them but not our plugin. However, for notable reasons, you’d need to re-register them some other way. We do have functionality to help with that if you decide to. It’s located in the Import/Export page and the “Get code” tab.

    Elvis Morales


    In terms of performance and/or best practices, which option would work better for faster load and stability? Keeping them stored in wp_options, OR, “Get the code” and put it into for example, an MU plugin?

    From my perspective leaving the CPT’s settings in wp_options table I still have the risk to lose them in the event of some DB issue, data loss, hack etc. Having them in code on a separate custom plugin (MU plugin area would be my go-to) seems more stable and probably my WordPress site wont have to query the wp_options table to get it’s registered CPT’s settings, because those would be already defined in code with register_post_type() at the init action hook event.

    Would like to know your advice/thoughts on this as the plugin author?


    Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    The BenchPresser

    Performance differences would be negligible.

    There’s always the risk of db issues, but you should be backing up regularly anyway. The post type/taxonomy settings for our plugin would actually be the easy part to re-set up. It’s the posts/term data that’d be the bigger loss in my mind, and those are tables we don’t directly do anything with. There’s also always file system corruption that could disrupt the alternative method.

    You also wouldn’t be the first one who uses CPTUI as a generator to be output/saved somewhere else. Really all a matter of how you want to use it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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