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    I’ve been experimenting with CollabPress and BuddyPress over the last few months (and am really stoked about the new GUI under development) but I’m now wondering whether I need to switch to WP multisite + BuddyPress to keep different clients’ data, media, taxonomy, etc. separate from one another. The broad plan would be to have the social networking side of things happen within BuddyPress on the main site and to have the project management happen within individual (client-specific) sites on WP multisite.

    Does that make sense and would CollabPress still work without BuddyPress enabled on every site?

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  • Plugin Author Eric Andrew Lewis


    One of the goals in 1.3 is to tease out some of the project overlap that exists in CollabPress today. In CollabPress 1.3, administrators will add/remove users from a project, and then visibility of that project will appear/disappear for that user.

    So the use case you have, yes, CollabPress would still work on BuddyPress enabled, but you could actually host everything in one single WordPress site. Each project could be associated with the admin and the client specific to the project, and that would be all they have access to.

    Thanks for a quick reply, Eric.

    Just to clarify your comment “CollabPress would still work on BuddyPress enabled”… if I went with a multisite installation and only enabled BuddyPress on the root site, could I run CollabPress on the sub-sites where there would be no BuddyPress functionality? (I’m still getting up to speed with multisite, so apologies if that was a dumb question.)

    I guess another way of asking the question would be, would the front-end in 1.3 work without BP installed at all?

    Marking this as resolved. Looking forward to test-driving version 1.3 on BuddyPress and multisite to see some PM awesomeness!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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