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    If I change the “search appearance” for my site via the yoast tab in wordpress dashboard OR by editing the page itself by changing the google preview – seo title and meta description, does that affect how the search appearance will look in every search browser (ie; edge, bing, yahoo etc) or does it only effect the google results?

    I’m also not getting proper search results in google. Here’s what I did: In “search apparance” under the yoast tab in wp dashboard, for “posts” I used the insert variable function to put in “Title” “Seperator” “Site Title” and for meta description “excerpt” (they all looked like the purple pills), and the “separator” was set to “|”. When I do a search in google everything seems to be correct, except for the “separator” it shows a “-“. Now, trying to change things around, no matter what I do, none of the changes I make are showing up in a google search… it always shows “title” “separator” “site title” with an incorrect “separator”.

    In “search appearance” under the yoast tab in wp dashboard, for “Pages” I used the insert variable function to put in “Title” “Seperator” “Tagline” and for meta data “excerpt”.
    After entering in that info, I EDITED one of my pages… for that page, in the google preview, for the SEO title I typed in (actually typed it, didn’t use the insert variable function) the following “my domain name” “|” “my tagline”. For the meta description I also typed one in myself.
    Problem is, when I do a google search, the page that edited does not show the seo title or meta description I typed in, instead it shows the “Title” “Seperator” “Tagline” with a meta description “excerpt” like I entered in “search appearance”… However, it is showing an OLD tagline and excerpt I had on my page from months ago and is nowhere to be found on my site currently.

    Not sure what is going on. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    I just noticed that all the changes I made in the actual post or page “SEO title” section Do show up correctly WHEN I have a tab open in a browser and hover my mouse over it. However, the changes I make to Seo title and meta description still don’t show up when I do a search for my site in google. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hello Tkster,

    Thanks for reaching out regarding your site’s appearance in search results. I have addressed your concerns below:

    When you edit your SEO title and meta description, this should normally reflect in search engines when your site is recrawled. The change is not specific to the Google search engine but all search engines. But it has nothing to do with your web browser. All things being equal, the change should be the same in all browsers.

    From your second post, it seems you have made desired changes but those are not reflected in search results. This means your site has not being recrawled. For Google, learn how to How to update information in Google search results

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    Hi, I’ve noticed that all the search engines are showing the correct info I entered into yoast. It took a week or so for the bots to recrawl my site to update the search results but looks good to go now!

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