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  • I’ve just started a new blog (, using wordpress, of course. I’d like to add a donate button to the posts I make on the site, so if a reader likes something I post the donate button is right there if they feel like lifting me out of poverty. : ) does exactly what I have in mind. (There’s a lot of eye-candy on the site, but it’s a workout site; it’s safe for work.)The site looks like a regular wordpress blog site using a professional template, but maybe I’m wrong and it’s proprietary code.

    Anyway, does anyone know which donate widget they use? And is there one you’d recommend that I can put in my posts rather than on the sidebar? I’d also love it if I could customize the donate option so it says something like, “Did you like this post? Feed a starving writer. Buy me a sandwich.”

    Thanks for any help. Hope I’m posting this message in the right section.

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