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  • Hey there,

    I’m working on a site and need to include tabs. The wordpress theme I’m using is “wordpress theme 1374” from apparently (I’m working on someones existing site). When I go to create a page, theres a button that looks like a puzzle piece that says, “insert short code” I found a shortcode called tabs but when I create it and test it, the content is in the first tab and when I click on the other tabs (including back to the first one) the content all dissapears. It doesn’t seem like this is a standalone plugin but part of the website, Can someone please recommend a stable shortcodes or tabs plugin?


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  • Heya calebkingston,

    Just last night I upgraded a client’s WordPress install from version 2.5 to the latest release! I know. So part of my concern was making sure what they were used to using, plugin-wise, would continue to work or I could fix them up with something more current.

    One of their styling elements was tabs like you’re referring to and I tested it out on a current working install and all went well. After upgrading their install I triple checked and even added a new tab so they could show their /blog in one of them. All super groovy.

    Only challenge is the developer is no longer supporting the plugin 🙁

    But I’ll list the link here for you to make your own choice. Apparently the download is still actually hosted in the plugin repository here (not sure that matters much, but…)


    Hate to promote something seemingly out of date, but this client has been using it for years (again, since 2.5) and it still works like a champ on latest WP.

    Good luck!

    Cheers! :)

    Heya calebkingston,

    Actually I just reread your post. Sorry. I was talking navigation tabs and you were talking multi-panel tabs displaying content on the same page, right? If so, my apologies 🙁

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