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  • I just uploaded to 3.5 this morning and TOTALLY HATE the new image upload feature. In previous versions, I could add the image to the post and set as featured image in two clicks within the same popup box. Now, it takes FOUR extra steps – reopening the image uploader for EACH step – to insert and to add as featured.

    Anyone know of a way to GO BACK to the older version of WP???? The image uploader SUCKS in the new version.

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  • I agree.

    I have one, simple question. Using the new media manager, when adding a new gallery, how does one select ALL images?

    It seems you have to click on each image you want to add to the gallery. For example, if I want to add 100 images, I have to click 100+ times to add them all. Then, unless you click really slowly, a large portion of the clicks don’t register because the images are draggable and the click action is interpreted as a drag action. Very awkward.

    I had to bypass this issue by manually adding the old gallery short code [gallery columns="4"]

    I too do not like the new image upload procedure. Not only do you have extra clicks involved but it also uploads 3 sizes of each image! In the previous version you could control that. Now I have to manually go into my server and delete all those extra files. Such a waste of time. Also, the image info section is too small. It’s all smashed to the right. I too would like to go back to the older version.

    Hugh, to add more than one image from your uploaded images, have to tried holding the control button down while you select your images? I would try it out but I can not access my Add Media section. This is another problem I’m having with the new WP 3.5. Sometimes the button works and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve been messing with this for days now.

    WordPress 3.5, so sad.

    i dont like too, they just adeed MORE steps. the image info section is too small
    WordPress 3.5 ? Really Sad version. I really love the old version
    Simple steps, user friendly..and now we got all
    useless version.
    Hope someone in the code section read posts like this.
    if they make a poll they see what bloggers want.

    Actually from the tone of the mods when they answer, they think this is the best solution.

    I posted about the Image Titles disappearing after you insert them into an article and the response was very curt. They’re also saying that Image titles don’t affect SEO but after contacting Google, they said that they do rely on Image Titles as much as alt titles.

    The fact that they’re sticking these issues into the ‘Miscellaneous’ section lets you know they’re not looking to listen to us on this. Eventually someone will come up with a plugin to make sure these things function better.

    It’s an accessibility issue. You should not be relying on title attributes for important information as not all user agents access or render this attribute. If you need to relay important information to visitors, use the caption functionality.

    I’m sorry (but not actually sorry) that the tooltip community has felt slighted by this one, but we won’t need to make a change. We made a choice, and this choice on the whole benefits all users and readers, not just those using screenreaders. How often have you moused over an image on a WordPress site and saw “IMG_1234”? One of the lamest things ever. Never again.

    Tooltips can still be added by opening the Edit Image modal and inserting something into the title attribute box. The only change is that the “Title” field — which is the name of an image’s attachment page — does not populate the title attribute.

    same answer from google to me.
    the title image influence seo experience
    so if u dont set u will be penalized.

    I think once people start wondering why they’re images aren’t getting indexed right then WP will start really hearing from more people.

    I only realized it since one of my articles on G News didn’t have a picture with it and started checking from that. Otherwise, I’d never have known.

    I totally agree…

    The new Media Library search is really inefficient. We used to be able to search for an image then both “Set as Featured” and “Insert” into a post pretty much in 2 clicks. Now I have to search in the media library, click insert. Then go to featured image tab, and search all over again with the same term, and set it. It’s incredibly slow and cumbersome. I like to reuse logos and images that I may have uploaded months ago, and it doesn’t work well at all now.

    The media search is general is very slow now too, partially due to it loading a batch of thumbnails when first accessing it (can this be an option?). And it would be nice to see the details besides the thumbnails after searching instead of needing to click each one to read the info in the right pane.


    we need more attention for wordpress coders.

    I’m sure someone will come up with a plugin that can take it back a step. Everything else on the upgrade is great but for those of us with image heavy sites, that Media Library feels like a big step backwards!

    This is the worst in this version.



    I am facing so many problems in this version of wordpress. It takes ages to load the images from my gallery. I hope WordPress brings back the old version in terms of image handling.

    Chris Olbekson


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    I really like the new media uploader. I think the only drawback is that it closes when you perform an action like inserting a gallery or setting a featured image. On the other hand its so quick to reopen but still think the workflow can be improved upon.



    I agree about the New Media Manager, I don’t like it. It takes a while to load all the images and I don’t really want it to load all the images every single time I want to add one image to my post. It really makes no sense. Also sometimes it takes so long to load that it hangs my browser, never had that happen before this version. I will try a piece of code someone posted and see if that works in one of my blogs.



    I just upgraded to 3.5. I have used wp for years — now I cannot even add a single photo to a particular place in my blog.

    Can someone tell me how? Sorry- my site is password protected.



    I first started having huge hassles editing the images about 5 weeks ago. I wanted to insert an image into my blog – but it just would NOT edit it at all (simple stuff like rotation & cropping) or was taking SO long I gave up. So only way around it was to edit in Picassa, save & then upload edited image. Painful as more time involved.
    Now just got back from vacation & see it looks different: add media seems to be totally different. I feel stupid as I just CANNOT get an image inserted into my blog post. I am mighty frustrated. I can now edit but several extra steps are required and all that shows in the preview is a partial box , no image.
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