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    For limiting post revisions, I know that the default behaviour is for WordPress to check the WP_POST_REVISIONS configured value and delete revisions accordingly on a post whenever a new revision is created for that post. I’m wondering if this deletion of revisions also happens in any default WP-Cron job.

    The reason I ask is because I want to increase the limit of revisions per post but I cannot change WP_POST_REVISIONS as this is set by my managed hosting provider, WP Engine. However, I’ve found that the “WP Revisions Control” plugin manages to override the WP_POST_REVISIONS setting (I’m not sure how) so that no revisions are deleted whenever I create a new revision. However, I’m afraid if there’s another event/process that may delete revisions such as in a WP-Cron job. I’ve ran wp cron event list in WP CLI to see all the existing cron jobs but I can’t be sure what each Cron job does.

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  • Hi @z2lai,

    It is possible to create or to have a plugin that could run a Cron job that would remove post revisions but to the best of my knowledge, and based on some quick research this isn’t something that would happen by default. Just to be safe maybe asking the question directly to the author of the plugin you are using to override the host-level setting might help set your mind at ease.

    One other thing to note is one reason that managed hosts might limit revisions is to maintain a level of performance for your site in keeping with the standards they have set.

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    Here is the link to the dedicated support of WP Revisions Control plugin

    I recommend asking there so its developers and support community can help you with this.

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