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  • MI C


    Am currently having problems with the non display of the Calendar sidebar widget (Upcoming Events) in IE9 (Internet Explorer 9) after upgrade to 1.9 Standard. Posted messages to support about it, but no response yet.

    Works fine for me in IE9.0.12

    I tried the new 1.9.1 download Timely have posted on their site, earlier today, which still does not work for me.

    The calendar appears on it’s page, but buttons to change view, etc, are missing. The widget top bar appears in the side bar but nothing else

    I see that they do not offer 1.9 on the WP Plugin site; only 1.8.2!!

    not for me no update the themes. and i erased the 1.9.1 and reinstales the 1.8.2 and now i canot see my web¡¡¡¡¡
    help¡¡¡ how can i return toa functional versdion???


    I tried to downgrade to 1.8 version after failed 1.9 and 1.9.1 updates using advice on Timely website and it made things worse, I lost the site, just seeing a white page!

    Removing the plugin by ftp made the site appear again.

    If you want/need to remove database entries created by the calendar, this thread may help:

    thanks very much

    Hello, i try again with version 1.9.1 but now i can not see the individual page of every event. please, see
    can you help me?


    Some parts of your calendar work for me using Safari on a Mac.

    I can see you widget and clicking on “view Calendar” takes me to your posterboard.

    Clicking on a posterboard or month view link shows me a blank page.

    Going to sometimes shows me your posterboard and sometimes a blank page.

    I think you calendar is almost working, hopefully the next update from Timely will fix your problems.

    You have a nice site !

    yes and thanks, but i writing to them… without notice. thanks i think i will back to the previous version
    nice day

    Timely do not seem to be posting any info at: If that is the correct place for support.

    Good luck with installing previous version asis

    thanks but nothing… now i am not able to go back, i have the same problem. i write again to the support of Timely but nothing at all.
    (the pity is a did a donation last month¡¡¡)

    A lot of V 1.9.1 works as it should, some of it not so much and some conflicts with other code in my theme. The conflict only occurs in IE9, but does not occur in FF 17, Google Chrome 24 or my New iPad, so it has to be browser related.

    thanks, i use Google Chrome but revised in IExplore and is the same.

    1.9 and 1.9.1 do not work on my website in any browser using my custom theme. 1.8 worked OK.

    I tried using Twenty Eleven theme and the calendar works OK but some formatting is a little poor. The Add to Calendar buttons in calendar and single event does not appear.

    I tried some other themes and all had problems displaying 1.9.1 calendar. On one theme I tried All-in-One Event Calendar inserted it’s self into the theme control panel settings !

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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