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  • I’ve got a previous question here open for support on the zip/post codes feature in Shipping > Local Delivery, and have now had an answer from woo support. Apparently United Kingdom postcodes are, in fact, NOT postcodes at all. They are apparently STATE codes instead! Yes, I know that’s rubbish. You know that’s rubbish. But woo support don’t know that’s rubbish. So apparently although the function says post codes, it actually only supports post codes from somewhere else. I can’t say where, and my support person neglected to say.

    My support person did ‘helpfully’ suggest that I try Advanced Shipping Options plugin instead, which “supports zones like states and zip codes”, and a snip at $99. But given that the base woocommerce plugin says it supports postcodes, what chance is there that the extra-cost plugin only supports some other countries postcodes too? Given that my support person thought that the UK was comprised of states, I’m not really willing to take his word for it that this plugin is configured for UK codes. And there’s no way of asking the creator of the plugin if it does, unless you actually buy it! So, you buy a plugin for nearly $100, and then find out that it doesn’t work in your country!

    Would anyone else think that I’m being a bit churlish by suggesting this is not what I call good pre and after sales service?!!!

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  • Following up my own question, can anyone tell me where the zip/post codes are stored within the database? I’m not brilliant with MySQL but can manage it a little – if I can find where the post and zip codes are configured, I can manually modify it to accept UK postcodes. Not the best solution, but the only one I have at the moment! 🙁

    Dear Travellers,

    Did you ever resolve this question. I am also looking at wanting to add UK postcode shipping variations. – We will change more for the Islands.

    The Table Rate Shipping v2 looks like it works with multiple UK postcodes and wildcards.


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