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  • Like a lot of people, I’ve had some issues with the admin-panel drag-and-drop Ajax features in WP 2.8.4 while using Firefox… was unable to collapse various panels, would find that the panel wouldn’t retain where I had moved panels, etc.

    Following some of the guidelines in the sticky post about this, I reinstalled a fresh copy of the wp-admin and wp-includes folders, and cleared my cache, but still no luck.

    And then I discovered if I deactivated the Admin Management Xtended plugin, everything worked the way it was supposed to…

    So is the problem with that plugin? Is there going to be an upgrade that addresses this?

    I love this plugin, and it’s one of those that I wish was core functionality, so hoping it will continue to be supported…

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  • Hey StrangeAttractor,

    I am the plugin author and yes, this plugin is still maintained. 🙂

    Would you please point me to the sticky thread you were talking about? I havn’t heard of any people having issues with panels not remaining open nor have I received user emails on that matter.

    Hey Alphawolf — thanks for a great plugin, and glad to hear from you.

    I only meant the general thread about problems with 2.8.4 — a few paragraphs down in the initial post, you’ll find a discussion of issues with drag-and-drop panels:

    But also if you do a search in these forums for “firefox” “problems” “admin” “2.8.4” you may also come across the discussions of this.

    It’s not that your plugin is specifically mentioned as a culprit in any of these posts, but that I personally discovered that deactivating eliminates the problem for me.


    Just wanted to add: it’s possible that there was some sort of conflict going on with another plugin — I am using the beta version of Events Manager, and it is very buggy, and known to cause some issues with the widgets, etc.

    (Just in case you are currently testing for issues.)


    My apologies — it does indeed seem to be beta Events Manager that is causing the problem.

    While running Events Manager, the problems with the dashboard panels did go away — temporarily — when I deactivated Admin Management Xtended.

    And then they mysteriously came back.

    As I said, the beta is very buggy, and I don’t have the tech chops (I know nothing about jquery) to tell you why the problem would go away and then come back.

    But when it’s turned off, Admin Management Xtended seems to run fine.

    I will let you know if I happen to encounter problems without the other plugin running, but for now it doesn’t seem like there’s a problem with Admin Managment Xtended.

    Thanks StrangeAttractor for your feedback! I’ll have a look at the incompatibility issue with both plugins. I can fix it eventually.

    I love Events Manager, but it seems to be breaking the drop-down functionality of my dashboard as well. Anybody have any idea what I can do about this?

    Interestingly enough, I wasn’t having too many problems with it, until I moved my blog from a subdirectory to my root folder. Maybe the two are not directly connected (i did ’cause some accidents while trying to do so)

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