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[Resolved] Does a quick temporary fix exist to fix the 'Add Media' problem?

  • Hi all,

    Like many others, I’ve today run into the problem whereby the ‘add media’ and ‘featured image’ buttons have stopped working with 3.5 upgrade.

    This is confirmed not a WP bug, it is 100% a theme compatibility issue with the theme I am currently using, and sadly it looks as though they are slow to fix theme bugs :-(.

    The issue seems to be a JS conflict between the new WP add media button and (I think) the theme’s use of underscore.js to invoke the old media uploader in their custom theme option fields – e.g. upload logos/thumbnails etc.

    I’m wondering, seeing as their custom theme fields seem to still be able to invoke the old media uploader, could there possibly be a quick and dirty way to force WP to use the old uploader for the time-being while the developers of various plugins/themes fix their products? The uploader still seems to be present in the codebase in some shape or form.

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  • esmi


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    What theme are you using? Where did you download it from?

    Hi esmi,

    It’s called Nexus from Themeforest. I’m sure they’ll address the issue in their own time, but the unanswered questions on their support forum suggest it might be a fair wait! Just seems a shame to create a new site on an old version of WP only to have to go through all the usual issues of upgrading in a month or so when the theme is updated likely right after the site launches in January!

    This was supposed to be such a straight-forward site – content and styling only, with very little dev work! Always the way!… 😉



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    I’ve tagged this topic for Themeforest’s attention. Their admins are especially interested in any theme that is doing funky things with jQuery or Javascript that breaks WP. With luck, they’ll ask the theme’s author to deal with this asap.

    Brilliant thank you esmi. Really hope they do jump right on it. I would have thought it in their best interests too anyway – it has had 2298 purchases to date, they’re going to get inundated if they don’t fix it I think!

    And I take it there’s no easy way to temporarily revert the uploader to old one?



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    Not that I know of. 🙁

    I’ve just pinged one of the admins at Themeforest about this particular issue.

    Good news! They just posted a fix here:


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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