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    I have several site that I clone and manage and the ones like get articles indexed in minutes and the sites or take two weeks for Google to index them. Are the length of the URLs affecting this and if so can I change the url (permalinks too) and fix this issue? I also have a micro site that came out of the box with a page rank of 2 and this only has 3 pages??



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    URL length isn’t the issue, content cloning might be. Google dings you for duplicate content.

    Gabe Young


    PageRank is different page per page. I have sites with PR5 on one page and PR1 on another. In other words, the number of pages a site has really has no bearing on PR. Of course, with bigger sites with many pages, deep linking can help.

    The only thing you should be concerned with (if a high PR is what you’re trying to achieve) is getting quality backlinks.

    Lastly, although there are some down sides, like people having a hard time remembering or correctly typing the address, one advantage of using long domain names is that you have keywords in them.

    Gabe Young


    Yes, every page has its own PR. Theoretically, all pages on a particular site could all have the same PR but PR is not site based, it’s page based.



    Keep in mind that Google crawls according to page rank so the higher your page rank the quicker those pages will get crawled, but new posts will likely not have a high page rank unless it is internally linked from high page rank pages on your site like the homepage.

    From Matt Cutts:
    “we crawl roughly in the order of PageRank, that means the more PageRank you have the faster you are likely to be found and more deeply we crawl your site and more often we visit your pages if they have been refreshed.”

    Thanks for all the great info!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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