• I use it in combination with WP-Optimize where I use the scripting and CSS asynchronization with this plugin and the rest with WP-Optimize. I tried many other combinations of optimization and cache plugins, pretty much all of the well known ones and few are compatible with my litespeed server and the one from Litespeed itself collapses my site and makes a mess forcing me to re-install my whole site from a backup.
    With this plugin and WP-Optimize I managed to bring all scores to green in pagespeed insights, some of my scores were as low as 29 mobile, now the lowest is 90. And my site has like 60 plugins running and is a huge site with tens of thousands of pages, extremely complex website and I now have all greens.
    It was very simple to understand and use.
    Just add things one by one and test because one of the javascripts I added broke my grid and since I did the changes in bulk it took me a lot of troubleshooting to find the culprit so I recommend to do it one by one instead.

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