• Has 2 problems that turn me off:

    1. Won’t download more than 10 videos no matter what the “Max” value is.

    2. Videos will not play full-screen.

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  • Plugin Author Chris


    Hi and thanks for the feedback.
    Unfortunately I’m not getting any notification about ratings…

    1. ’10’ has been the hard limit for the old YT API. So I’ve removed that entirely from the plugin code with v1.9.3. Now it’s all up to Youtube to cap to whatever they seem fit. Good catch, btw, I totally overlooked that one 🙁

    2. The full screen issue is known but it’s up to Youtube, respectively the actual video player they offer you – more or less accoding to how good they can detect your system. You (also in the sense of ‘this plugin’) cannot enable or disable features like that programmatically.

    I know your comment is quite old by now. But maybe this still clears up some things (or gets a conversation rolling)

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