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  • I found several posts here and elsewhere saying that it you edit an old post it gets pinged. I haven’t been able to find current information on whether this is still true.

    I think one of the hardest things about wordpress is getting current information. Search engines had tons of info. but most dated several years back. Does anyone have a WP blog about WP?

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    Lots of them.

    If you edit an old post, it will send out ping notifications. I know becuase I did this last week 🙂

    What’s the real question?

    I read several articles about the problem with old posts ping when you edit them and then the you getting banned because of too many pings.

    For example:
    This is from the “cbnet Ping Optimizer” plugin
    “When you edit an existing post, it won’t send any unnecessary ping to ping services and saves your blog from getting banned by such services.”

    Is this really an issue?

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    Depends on how often you edit posts.

    Generally you shouldn’t be editing posts all that often anyway, so it’s not an issue for most people. If you edit posts a lot, then yeah, you should turn off pinging.

    Now that makes sense. The articles out there make is all sound very scary.

    When I imported my blog from Blogger, I did have to make a lot of edits ’cause Blogger put in some weird code stuff and some posts lost images – but I didn’t have the site live until I finished all that.

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