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  • Oh, just change the extension to .php to execute the script itself on my server.

    What does this hack do?

    I’ve found a couple of bugs/questions.
    First of all, it seems that the $blogurl variable isn’t inserted correctly (line 203), and neither are the parameters for each post. Mine currently looks like this (please minibb, don’t bork this up!):
    The Break on line 212 seems to be in the way, it would make more sense controlling the space between each li using CSS.
    It’s trying to grab information from b2categories, but in 0.72 (and 0.71?) that table has been changed to wp_categories instead.
    Also, and this might just be my setup, but the /div at the end messed up my structure, so I took that out as well.
    Great stuff otherwise though 🙂 — I’m using it at

    I made the basic bug fixes already. I forgot to change the reference to b2categories to using $tablecategories from the config file 😉
    I’m not sure what $blogurl does, because it seems to be derived from $siteurl and $blogfilename anyway (these two variables are directly defined in the b2config file, which I trust more) The other bug was caused by my using of clearn URLs via mod_rewrite. Thanks for pointing that out!

    Hi –
    Want to install Dodo_Q’s archives hack. I am at a total loss as what to do and where to include or require or what the heavens know to do with this code.
    I had installed A. Kings Photo Hack into 1.0.2 and that was not a problem. But now in 1.2 of WP Hacks seem to become obsolete. Does this mean I should use it in the Plug-ins section insted of a my-hacks.php file? And if I call it in the my-hacks.php like I did with the photo-hack, it just displays the complete php data ahead of the blog.
    Did searches, hoping to find more insight and visited the 2 websites I found using the hack, but I am just as blind as I was before. I hate feeling so dumb.
    I really hope somebody can help me with this.

    Update: Found out that the downloaded data had bad invisible characters that killed the code. But next to that WP 1.2 had some changes which made this hack not work for me. I then came across NicerArchives which works fine with WP 1.2 and that solved my problem.

    🙁 I liked that dodo hack because it didn’t need mod rewrite. Are there any archive hacks for 1.2 that don’t require it?

    check out also, for the narchives plugin

    guess that means no. oh well, no upgrade for me.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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