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  • my last 4 new subscribers have had strange email addresses and user names. I am not at all sure what is going on, and if I should be dumping them?
    example ‘Username: wkuf098we

    can sombody explain what is happening here Please

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  • They’re most likely spam accounts. Go to your WordPress settings and set it so that user registrations are disabled

    thank you, I have unticked
    Membership . anyone can register
    is that correct, i could not find anything else in settings.
    will genuine applicants still be able to register?
    best ashar

    No. No one will be able to register themselves. Only a site admin (such as yourself) will be able to register new users.

    Do you need to have others register? In many cases, this is not necessary. If that’s the case, leave it unchecked and save yourself the trouble.

    Oh I think I must be confused, these email addresses are showing up in my subscribers I have had another 5 today
    it isnt users but subscribers
    the emails all consist of letters and numbers that make little sense and all seem to end with

    sorry that should read

    In WordPress, the term “users”is often refers to anyone who is listed under the Users tab on your site. This includes those registered as subscribers.

    well whats to do, I do not want to stop subscribers, but I am unsure about these obscure email addresses with obscure user names. How do I know if they are ok to accept and if not how do I block them Help!

    Can I ask why you want people to register as subscribers on your site? Do you plan to do something special for them?

    my subscriber list is so that i can notify them when and what i post. nothing more, just a list of people that want to be updated when i post

    so I want to keep it open for genuine followers / subscribers to be able to be added to my list
    I hope that makes sense to you

    Yes but what kind of list? People can read/follow your blog and subscribe to/follow your RSS feed without actually registering on your site. So what I’m trying to ascertain is whether you have a specific need to allow anyone to register. If not, it’s really just a lot easier to dis-allow registrations.

    I send out a weekly newsletter to subscribers. This is not at all unusual as I subscribe to and receive news of new postings to many blogs. Nearly every blog has a subscribe button, if you subscribe you then receive news of updates etc…
    All I am trying to do is find out what these anonymous email addresses are? I get at least one a day, they are for example

    “New user registration on your site ashar:
    Username: wkth522we

    I find this very odd ???

    They are 99.99% likely SPAM – happens all the time.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Front-end developer

    Although it’s likely to be spam, their credentials should not be exposed to us. Some privacy issue there.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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